Oct 21, 2011

The Best Costumes

London Style huh? xD
It actually related to my post...*scroll down scroll down.

When it's come to "The Three Musketeers" movie 2011...
It's all about perfect costumes!
I am totally impress with the gorgeous London Royal Fashion Sense!

The Milady,as antagonist character in the movie,
with the most beautiful dress-up perhaps..

Next, Gabriella, the sweet girl who fall in love with the 1st Protagonist....
She's just so lovely isn't she? ;)

Here come Orlando Bloom..The one who made me decided to watch this movie.
He would be the neutral character I guess...Before his castle was being destroyed..
Hahaha...but he lead the fashion world!
--In this movie of course...which always followed by the king..
Blue, Green, Purple, Red....I wish to see more!

And...the lovely young royal couple..The king and queen~
The king was the most adorable of all...
You know why I would say that, if you watch it.
Lastly,happily ever after...^^

Trust me, you will never regret to watch this...
I almost missed it but fortunately I didn't~^^
Try to watch every detail from the costumes till the art of sword fight,
And you will be impress as me, or even surprise with their gorgeous look =)

More info:
THE THREE MUSKETEERS - Official Movie Website

Till Next, See ya.
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Oct 18, 2011


(Enjoyed Tutti Frutti 50% Discount for the opening event!^^)

Quite a long time since I posted my precious post...And this would be a quick one =)
*Oh-yea! I must post up the nice korean cusine I enjoyed N-months ago....Soon!
After all this stuffs* ;)

This post is abt my movie date again~The Mines TGV Cinemathis time...
as the LoveUU only on some screens..

Even though it's nearly winter now,I still miss my summer so much!
This would be a great movie,bringing me back to the summer..
to the stressful moments~

Title: Summer Love You You 夏日乐悠悠

Yea, Here's the handsome & the pretty in the movie as couple~

《夏日乐悠悠》Full movie can click on this video to watch NOW!~Lucky right?xD

The song sang by JJ Lin 林俊杰《夏日乐悠悠》MV

*The beach is my favorite~ Someday...I will lay at there & enjoy the sunshine as them too!




Love Life! <3 ;)

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