Jun 17, 2013

My assignments, My fashion

Hello peeps, I'm back by leaving my assignments aside for just a moment...yea, you can feel that I am busy with my assignments again..But this semester's work I found out that its actually nicer and I got so many interest on them wohoo~! 

So..a lil details about what I am doing now mayb? A formal jacket in process...a scarf to print on silkscreen but just finished the layout..batik 6 pcs of A3 work but all fine patterns which make me wanna cry by looking at them, wait to be done in a hot weather...fashion design sketches of 20 n choose 6 (theme i chosen: Cheongsam Kebaya-Modern style) ...a brand launching event full proposal but luckily its work in group...and a new subject: digital imaging class which hav another pop art to go...however, I've proudly done my illus drawing of Jaejoong Kim!! This is the motivate button for me to keep doing work lol! 

Here it goes...  :D  Well not the exact version~ will update it soon in fb :)

It took me 3 full days on pc to finish omg~ luckily it turned out good! Pheww....

Okay, enough for my assignments..hoping that I got enough time to enhance them b4 assessment..and ya, wish me luck for the Sakura Collection..as I do like japanese culture and fashion since long time ago.

Next, so so happy that my "lil sis" Jen Yee came bac from Scotland UK last week and hanged out with me and Jing Yi...Nice moment chatting and shopping with them, glad this gathering just came at the right moment when I hope there's best buddies beside me..huge luv~

Last..I bought this lovely T from Korea G-Market..The online shop is awesome! Love my new shirt so so much~ and another new white shirt still waiting for its 1st show soon tehee~
llink here: http://english.gmarket.co.kr/

Keep calm and focus on work! 
Ciao~ ;D