Jan 19, 2012


Haha..kinda short for the last post I wrote at here right?
(*Are you kidding? It was like three to four words!! =X)
Okay...So sorry for posted a short one la..Now I will complete that post~

It was my Big Day on 18th of January!!
I was hoping to spend my day with my classmate which I had never meet them a while~
However, my friends told me most of them will be busy!
Guess I have to spend my day with family ;(

Luckily, I meet one of my old friends in Facebook...
So, I plan to meet him during that day~
Well, I still remember him at about 14years old...
Can't really sure it was him when I first saw him..LOL!
We had lunch at Secret Recipe n had chit-chat there.
*This made me remember of my 17th Birthday...also in Secret Recipe!!
Awww~ Kinda miss that day...which everyone came ;)
Then, we took a pic to keep as memory ^^
Hope can meet him and more of my primary school friends in the future~
Good luck to them too in this whole new year!

I spend 2 hours of my big day just to sleep after that...
But unfortunately I can't due to the stupid headache n lil fever!!!
Urghh...I was so fed-up until got up bed to do nothing...
I was so so so failed to have a nap! ><

Night, my lil bro asked me whether I have any plan n ans no~
So, he drove me to dinner at LM...He was quite emo with some issue he's facing I guess...
But I think time can make him feel better~ =)
Then before we ended the dinner, he actually sang a birthday song for me..
LOL! With no cake? XD But it was really touching, Thanks bro!
As I said, you are a good person! So all the best to you!

After that, my mom bought me a birthday cake from Baskin Robin 31!
It was my first time to have this cake as every year I only bought Secret Recipe's one..XD
Well, it cost RM58.90 for the smallest size! Hmm...kinda expensive~
But the taste was awesome!!!! I bought the mint flavour~ It looks like choc from outside right?
Haha...If you never eat BR's cake,you should try to have one ^^

And yea, photos....photos...for the 18th me~! ^^

Happy Birthday to LavenderLim aka myself!
You should try your best, work your best n design your best LIFE!
Jiayou jiayou ganbatte hwaiting!! For my coming future~!
All the best to my friends who started their college life too!

Cheers for Life,
Cheers for my 18th,

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