Dec 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

*Have you been to 2512 Cafe? ;P

Here come my 2nd post after the Pre-Christmas, I wonder how you had celebrate your Christmas there? To be honest I was just staying back at home and clean my house..why? Lol! To avoid the traffic jam in the city.."people mountain people sea" everywhere, even though I just stayed home I read quite number of post in fb from friends...saying how jam the way to city. 
So now all post of mine was happening three days before Christmas! :)

Last post was in Pavilion KL and MidValley, this post would be continued in Ikano Power Centre & 1Utama.Well I went to IKEA after that with my family and relatives somehow I forgot to snap some photos in it. By the way, like the latest interior series of IKEA with Christmas theme so much! Go check out if you are so free in this holiday hehe.

As the Ikano only have a small space of center court, I don't prepare much for the deco. But it surprised me with this lil santa town. Cute isn't it?

A warm christmas feel here ^^

Okay some more photos from 1Utama...before I end up my Christmas post.
The huge hot air balloons with different colourful patterns is LOVE!


And perhaps some Famous Amos for you? Hahahaha

Lastly, Christmas is always not only the decorations and foods, its with the people you cherish in life and have a fun time with them too! I couldn't have gone to these places in two days if they not pay me a visit. So happy to have them joining us in this wonderful season, my relatives from Malacca and her princesses, Nicole and Kayla. Merry Christmas!


Out of, 1226.Happy 10th Anniversary to my favourite artists, TVXQ!
Cherish all the show 5 of you till now. AKTF

Alright, till then. Continue me and your crazy year-end holiday! Wohoo~

Cheeeseeeeee...... Zigg-gakk!  ;)

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