Jan 1, 2013

Before Christmas

First of all....Happy New Year to all~!! May all your wishes come true in this new year and enjoy life!

I believe you guys enjoyed a crazy/fun/memorable countdown party yesterday night..haha~
For me, I went to my friend's house countdown with all friends who haven meet for some time..Quite excited to meet all of them, oppss..not all of them, but most of them..before end of 2012..
Well, countdown post will coming soon.. :)

This post all about before Christmas...(*Turning back my watch time..)
I joined Green Exhibition contest which was to make a Recycle Sculpture and compete..Luckily my recycle guitar made it to the 50 participants..and proudly present in MidValley Megamall Exhibition Hall from 21st to 23rd Dec 2012.
If you never saw my guitar..here it is~
It used to be my father's guitar but ended up broken cause by high temperature..
So, I came out with a plan to cut off the broken part and added in some Christmas items..and close with wire gauze..then Tadaa~ My Christmas guitar..
Thanks them for supporting my work during the exhibition~ my relatives from Malacca :)
Then here's some work from other participants..

2nd prize~ from MIA

This is the champion..Christmas turkey 

Then, I were one of the five consolation prize winner~ Got RM50, hmm..quite good i guess? haha

Next, things to do before Christmas...Go to as many shopping mall as you can to capture different decoration~ Christmas Tree everywhere!!

This was in Pavilian~ Lovely Reindeer

Leisure Mall..Toy Bank Mission Accomplished 

Doremon~! Infront of Uniqlo

In ZangToi's Cafe..Level 4, Parkson Pavilian. Nice environment!

This is One Utama design~ Candy..Cakes..Muffins..Donuts..SWEET!!

And MidValley..Wood country style Christmas 

Haha~ So many places I went...in two days~ So which decoration is your favorite?  ;)

Christmas in Malacca...Next~