Apr 3, 2012


It's all about BOOMSHAKALAKA and Fantastic things going on~ The heat of BigBang still alive till now!
Well, just in case you haven't watched any one great performance from BigBang...Or you are a "VIP",
you must support this post a lot! XD

Here's the latest album by Bigbang...come back after quite a long time...
*Before this album there actually had so called "child group" from Bigbang...GD and TOP, Taeyang n DaSeung single solo albums...It's a Wow to bring them all five back this time!
I'm not a VIP but I heard their songs since their "Lies" album "N" years ago...Till now, they're still so famous!
The album titled "BLUE" cover and their SuperB new images!!! Soooo Damn  COoooooOOLL!!

"Blue" Official MV from BigBang...The only slow tempo song in this album. It actually stand for the
blue days Bigbang members faced in previous time...

"Bad Boy" official MV...street hip hop feel~  G-Dragon continue to be a Bad Boy...;P

And this is my favorite!! Hard rock and most famous of all...It's Fantastic Baby!

Can't tell how famous this song is NOW!
Everyone was talking n singing boomshakalaka...FB status and links...!! Yea, it's really a fantastic song! ;)
Even Live was Fantastic!!!

About the image...There actually a kinda joke appear...link to their hairstyle..I think its funny but yet so true..
What do you think? X)

Welcome leave me a comment...Tehee..*My up there edited photo's inspiration-- TOP!
Okay, now it's big bag time..Hehee..It's the latest bag I bought...At KL Festival near Setapak.
*I was hardly looking for a big cool bag for college life...And after few weeks I finally found my perfect bag.
The important part is, it is BIG enough~ I can take it to shop on Saturday without worry about plastic bag problem..haha XD
I can put in my drawings, camera and clothes too~ It's good to have a huge bag though.. ;)

To the KL Festival City.....Lunch at Bee Won Korean Restaurant.

My Spicy sweet Chicken rice set....
My mum's Jja Jung Mion~

 And two green tea~....The view was so nice..;)
 Really enjoy a lot..hehe~ Life must go easy....even though it's quite hard...Smile and the sun will shine again.

So this is the Big Bag ^^/ Cost me RM329 My gosh.....But totally like.

 Breezing rainy day with.................................

Ice-cream <3

Yea...Fantastic Baby!

It's a big change coming up...College!! Pray for all thing..wish me luck ;)

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