Apr 12, 2012

The Classic Continues

Waiting is something beautiful...brunch-Lavazza@Viva Home.

I totally in love with my hand...and the Ice lemon tea in my hand. Such a breezing holiday. ;)
Yea, I was in Lavazza Cafe located in Viva Home..Nice background for photos isn't it?

With a plate of hot yummy chicken tomato spagetti..
One moment, I thought I was in the romantic water city..Venice~
If you had been Viva Home, It's a nice dining place for you named Lavazza Cafe...

*They were having a promotion for lunch and dinner in such a low price! If you wanna enjoy a good environment with tasty food...It's a good option here~ Outdoor available...But my personal choice is the white queen chair place..

Out from Lavazza Cafe, there's Garden Cafe nearby too...If you like to have lavender tea and some steak...Garden Cafe let you feel the wonderful moment to have lunch in the garden...hehe~ But I was fulled..just a pic passed by the Cafe =)       
Where am I? It's like a star avenue~!! ><

And the most important thing to do..Watch Titanic 3D in MBO Cinema~
Watched back after sixteen years...
Laying in Jack's arm for 3 Hours 15 Minutes again...in 3D
He still standing proud on Titanic..
shouted "I'm the King of the World!"
Rose still melted his heart..sayin" You jump, I jump!"

It's really a dream ship..all so perfect ♥
So, are you ready to go back..to Titanic?

Well...believe me, you won't regret even though you had watched it thousand times!
Haha~ I mean, it's really a nice romantic story which every scene of it had became a Classic now..
So how wonderful it is to watch 3D titanic? It's all too real in your sight! =)
*I hope can receive some comments from you who had enjoyed the movie too~

Do check out the classical song-My Heart will go on by Celine Dion too.

Original MV version-Titanic Theme Song
Ok...This is hilarious...Guess where I were in this pic, with this Cowboy background?

*For those who got it correct...Got no prize..=P

Such a nice background !~ Guess guess guess *Reply in comments ><

Haha...next...I was so so excited to see the basketball game in the playzone! And it's so nice with blue light~ So...I played without care about the dress or skirt I wore la...XD The 2nd token was like extend n extending time for me to play~ Woots..100+ record in the end! Gonna play again next time~ Tehee..Wanna PK with me? XDD
Okay, that's my wonderful one day "trip" to Viva Home...Explore every interesting thing I found...The furniture was awesome too~ Hope I can decorate my room or house nicely someday~ hehe..

Quotes of post: 每个人都拥有自己专属的一本故事书。

Everyone has his/her own story book.
Our life not suppose to follow what have been  written in it,
but to write the most wonderful legend by ourselves.
We can lose everything,
but not our own personality.

From: LavenderLim.