Dec 30, 2013

2013 Review.

Year 2013 is about to end! Have you fulfilled all the mission that you set at the beginning of this year?
Or any big day big event big success happened through your life this year? 
Yes, I believe each of us did something great throughout this nor long or short 365 days. 
One fact is that, we all grown in this year after everyday we live, everything we've been through.

Well after recalling back my memories through this year, I would round up my 2013 to be a great year! I sincerely hope yours been great year too! :)

-Was started my year 2013 with bunch of close friends in a potluck party, and this year gonna be a BBQ+potluck+giftexchange like bigger party ever and I can't wait for it! It's tomorrow!!! Wohoo~


-Then next up is my birthday which celebrated in ZangToi restaurant one day before with my family and thanks my buddies to pop out during my tuition time lol! Seriously out of my expectation! Not to forget they planned the awesome dinner and supper with me on my birthday in Korean restaurant and a lil chilling time in The Library.

-The events that come after my birthday always...Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Gong Xi to every family of my friends. Yes I mean each and everyone in the picture, we went to visit 17 people's houses in a day! Crazieee Funnn!

-Then, there's numbers of work for me to complete..assignments assessment assignments assessment..Tougher than last semester and more problems I faced, but thanks these tasks that let me grow and be strong to face any difficulties in a higher level. Aikss, but sometimes failures do hurt isn't it? However even there's unlucky things happened, I believe that the one who climb the fastest not always the best, but the one that come up slower can view the scenery clearer than anyone. So, I would move on and wish for a better results next after all these challenge. Cheers.

-There's always two side of a matter. I am proud to say, I did achieve my goals in this year by joining the design related competition. 1st the MISF 2013 won 1st prize in Creative Art group and Consolation in Miniature shoes group located in PWTC, my honor to meet with Prof.Dato.Jimmy Choo OBE too! I had already visit the event last year and impressed by my seniors work you can imagine how excited I was to be on the stage this year!


-Next, Winner of Sakura Collection Student Award 2013 held in Tokyo Street Pavilion KL. I was so into this competition as I was impressed by the great culture and buildings in Japan. I still remember I was totally in cloud 9 when the moment I received my ticket to Japan!!! To confess, there goes my 1st flight in life sponsored by the Sakura Team!
*I've already posted the benefited greatly trip ever in my life so far before if you missed it can read through clicking these links. :)
vol.1 大阪Show
vol:2 大阪市
vol:3 奈良市
vol:4 千葉
vol:5 東京

-I've always wanna try new things in my life since I was a lil girl, this year my friend had invited me to join their MV making for assignments in HanXing college. I was acting as a lady who found out her boyfie was in love with another girl and leave her. How sad! It's was totally my 1st time ever acting OMG! I am use to the holding microphone sing like the star in music but not so use to act in a lost and cry scene..and hug a "boyfie" I just knew that day was totally out of my expectation lol! Okay, after watched the mv I think if I wanna act again I'm gonna need numbersss of improvements and try act any scene but not crying scene, can't tears out like professional actress :(( Anyway, a new page in my life! ^^

-Wohoo! These gals all proudly graduated from Mr.Hew English Class this year after a 5 hours test! *Applausess... Miss our great Mr.Hew so much and hope to gather again in coming 2014! He is the best and most responsible teacher I've ever met! Thank him I can write my words more fluently. Besides, he always motivate me after he read one of my essay to major in fashion design. Thank you!

-Holding the post of President in my department, I've tried my best to make a better club. Therefore, events like joining fashion show, supporting classmates competition, exhibition, convocation,  farewell parties and most recently a "Gotong-Royong" had been held through this year! I like the way we work together, dress up especially during Halloween ahahaha! Hoping for a better year ahead in fashion department and I shall pass my post to the next responsible person :)) Jiayou~!

-How can my year left out of friend's birthdays? We had already make it annual eventssss to gather around when there's some of us birthday in restaurantsss...May our friendship bonding stronger and forever! Not to left out the board that make me a leader today, the SMKTC librarians board I love. This year I was able to join the fellow pps for another great annual farewell, great performances!

-Lastly, I had opened an account in instagram and I enjoy posting photos there starting now. AHAHA..will post more photos that inspired me, note down my fav events, and showcase my fashion parts. Hope to have more nice photos to come in 2014, just follow me : @lavenderlim018 :))

There it goes for my 2013 quick revise. Hope and wish for a better year ahead 2014!! 
2013--- 2014. Counting down 23:50...23:49...,23:48....  

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Dec 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

*Have you been to 2512 Cafe? ;P

Here come my 2nd post after the Pre-Christmas, I wonder how you had celebrate your Christmas there? To be honest I was just staying back at home and clean my house..why? Lol! To avoid the traffic jam in the city.."people mountain people sea" everywhere, even though I just stayed home I read quite number of post in fb from friends...saying how jam the way to city. 
So now all post of mine was happening three days before Christmas! :)

Last post was in Pavilion KL and MidValley, this post would be continued in Ikano Power Centre & 1Utama.Well I went to IKEA after that with my family and relatives somehow I forgot to snap some photos in it. By the way, like the latest interior series of IKEA with Christmas theme so much! Go check out if you are so free in this holiday hehe.

As the Ikano only have a small space of center court, I don't prepare much for the deco. But it surprised me with this lil santa town. Cute isn't it?

A warm christmas feel here ^^

Okay some more photos from 1Utama...before I end up my Christmas post.
The huge hot air balloons with different colourful patterns is LOVE!


And perhaps some Famous Amos for you? Hahahaha

Lastly, Christmas is always not only the decorations and foods, its with the people you cherish in life and have a fun time with them too! I couldn't have gone to these places in two days if they not pay me a visit. So happy to have them joining us in this wonderful season, my relatives from Malacca and her princesses, Nicole and Kayla. Merry Christmas!


Out of, 1226.Happy 10th Anniversary to my favourite artists, TVXQ!
Cherish all the show 5 of you till now. AKTF

Alright, till then. Continue me and your crazy year-end holiday! Wohoo~

Cheeeseeeeee...... Zigg-gakk!  ;)

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Dec 22, 2013

Winter Solstice.Pre-Christmas

Before I going out, just fill my leisure time with a quick post to wish you Happy Winter Solstice!冬至快乐!
Have you eaten the sweet rice balls (湯圓) today? I am going to meet up my family later to have a nice dinner.Wish you all happy gather with family too yea.
One thing that I would deny if I could is we all get one year older through this day too! Oh-no, I have to say goodbye to my "Teen" age then cuz I would turn up to be twenty! How about you? Is it a happy day to grown up? Or you are a "Peter Pan" supporter like me?

                                                               My Wish....

On the other hand, the Santa season is coming closer and you guys feel the Christmas season? There's a must watch movie for dreamer out there strongly recommended by me...which is  "FROZEN" !!! Another great disney movie! There's not 2nd movie which suit this season perfectly!

Do you guys do Christmas shopping already these days? I believe most of us did, as we all having year-end holiday plus how could we leave all the nice decorations in shopping mall behind?  As usual, my relatives came down to KL from Malacca and its become an annual plan for us to walk around many different shopping mall for taking photos in this warm season. Yes, definitely a warm Christmas in here Malaysia hahaha, 100% Summer country. :)

But then, I got heard that Pavilion KL had upgraded the Christmas deco to a higher level by making the mall in snow everyday at 8pm! Unfortunately I haven't experienced it yet so far as I went back before 8pm twice lol! Yea 1st day with my classmate for a fun shopping and second with my relatives. I would say I like the Pavilion KL deco most. Hmm, not because it has the most "Wow" deco but I guess is because there have a very holy and comfortable feel to me, especially there's always a playground area for kids to play with, and this year a huge Marry Go Round. This bring more fun and laugher to people compared to others.

The Pavilion KL Snow House..Must be very pretty when there's snowing

Marry-Go-Round which make me feel bit dizzy however I still like it! :P
And met with LINE Mascot there at the 6th Floor.

My OOTD lookbook before head to MidValley. Scowling under the hot sun once in outdoor haiz.

Ready for Midvalley? Let's go!
1st glance I was being impressed by this light deco.

A castle build by music sheets.

                                                            Like the paper-made reindeer.
Another section with pink and white deco in Midvalley too. Grabbed my photo here after posted a pic with deco in insta hashtag MidvalleyNow. Thanks for the lil gift for everyone there MidValley Mega Mall.

Okay, it's end here with another photo of me under the hot Christmas feel hahaha.
What a contrast!
More Christmas season post next.......till then.
Go go gather with your family now and rmb to put down yr smartphone during the dinner later. ;) Great day.

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Dec 10, 2013

10 days Trip to Japan vol:5 東京

Finally last post of Japan, I arrived in Tokyo! The place people full of love and passion~
Had three days show for Sakura Collection in the Tokyo Tower, and some free time around the city. What's more, I got to Harajuku the fashion streets where fashionista, fashion lover must go!
Okay, this is hotel view from Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa. Spot the Tokyo Tower? Lovely isn't it!
The 1st day had gone pretty busy where all people preparing the show to the best, till the last sec. And that's my post a performer? hahaha...I'm the designer, again ;)

My model busy preparing behind the stage...and there where I stay most of the time.
Met lots of great people in backstage, see how they style the models and artists, giving out their best to show their designs, no matter what happened, I learnt a lot! 
Met the general from Japan! Hehehehe

Models started to do rehearsal under the rains with hot Lexus Sports!
Back then, the show was about to begin, met with people from Tokyo Soir company backstage and send me some photos during my trip to their company.

Not to left out, my models with me! Ruri-san and Kiyomi-san. Kiyomi-san share the same age with me woots! So wanna be friends with them but I can only communicate with them smoothly when there's a translator standing nearby..kinda embarrassed by asking the translator helped me to talk with them, but really happy I can got into some chats with these pretty girls ;))
Another model for me, Shizuka-san on the third day during the Sakura Collection finale show.

Love this shot I got from facebook, stunning!

Ruri-san smile like a sakura flower. 
Japanese artist group-Junretsu performing

Japanese Drum Performance

and there's Kimono fashion show too.

Newwy singing on stage! :D

Oh my god! See this view? I was at the middle of Tokyo Tower, Club 333!

The countries represented designers with their designed on stage. Holding microphone, our Malaysia Young Talented designer, Joe Chia with top model Amber Chia.

After the show, I follow Joe Chia head to Harajuku for awesome discovery about Japan Fashion!

I should thank him more than twice for brought me to those fashion store, concept store which I would never found out myself! 
Me standing on Harajuku! A place I swear I've gonna come back here again!
Back to Nescafe Cafe for a dinner party with all amazing members of Sakura Collection team.
Plus, a birthday celebration for Joe Chia and Tong-san from Thailand.

Lastly, photos of great people I met in this trip!
I cherish I had met with her, Newwy a lovely girl and sometimes can be awesomely fun when we playing around in this trip! 

Some special models who treated people full of friendly attitude and able to make friends with them...

With Yuri, members of Sakura Collection Team and who came to airport just to send me safely to Japan :D

A precious photo of Malaysia team, Joe Chia, Amber Chia and me with Yuri! Haha

And the VVIP, Ms. Noriko the producer of Sakura Collection 2013. Thank you so much for caring me and treat me like your own daughter through the trip! See you soon~

A Group Photo!

So, my trip ended with a lot of gifts in my another meanings, a lot of great people I met, new friends, designers, new fashion sense and inspiration, new scenery and experience which really made this 10 days trip rewarding fully.."滿載而歸" for real!!
Beautiful city, beautiful people...hope we will meet again in life one day!

XOXO, LavenderLim.

-Japan Trip.Final Vol.End-