Feb 16, 2012

In the Romantic Season ♥

Welcome to my blog again~
Suddenly have the mood to edit one of my photos taken during CNY~
Haha...It's Lavender Lim on a lavender bed..By Edited ;)
Hope you all like this ^^/

Then, I must can't forgot the 2012 Valentine's Day which passed!
Why? This is because it's my working day and *foreveralone...Haha~
Kidding~who cares =P I got this as my lunch weh~~

See the Heart Shape Bread n Egg..Stick together will be a perfect match! ^^
Ohh yea, and the two lil light bulb..Opps, nice decoration of Ferrero Rocher Chocholate!
Guess who made it for me?!! Answer would be somewhere in this post! Tehee~

Went to a wedding dinner in Crowne Plaza Hotel near KLCC few days ago too...

It's a theme of Romantic Fairy Tales.. They got married as husband and wife
Live in the Ballroom stage~ Well, I never seen these before~ =)
One more thing I never seen, the ballroom was full of Nigeria waiters!
I mean, no offend~ Just something special & memorable..
*They had a great smile and kept serving up cocktail~ Nice people!

The card decoration is LOVE!
isn't? ^^

The written words,
Just like a page out of a fairy tale
the storybook romance comes true....

The ans: My beloved mum XD

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