Mar 9, 2012

Busy Holiday

Well, current FB profile pic~ It was a "not new" photo
which my friend took for me during the nice genting trip on the January~

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Be a birthday celebration planner week ago..
2 Venue: Full House Qiant Batu 9 + Leisure mall....
Plan to decorate balloons and booked the party place for AC and Shin..
Watched movie in LM which named Mr and Mrs Gamble..
Hope they enjoy the day ~

Photos by Ac n Kelly..stay tune for more.

Be a Hero?

So, about the longest holiday which I ever had and still going on now...
I'm actually "Ruined" the holidays with work...Grrrr~
One of my friend ask me:"So how's yr work goin? Is it fun?"
I've ans:" Hmm...not fun of course~ But the process and experience worth it."
Yea, that's what come to my mind. It's not an easy job..Not fun at the same time.
But if you never took part in the process, you'll never find out all the ques n ans.
Ending my days with tired bones and painy legs maybe is a hard time,
however when u finished and look back what you have done, it's a big satisfaction.

After working about two months..I slowly remember all my students name
and their cute lil face~ See...XD

And they all wear brandy all the time..LOL! Except angry bird la...
ELLE and D&G~ O.O

Okay..Hope I can add it a nice ending.That's enough.

Another biggest important thing for me is this..
The One Academy Fashion Art Competition!
The title is Futuristic Design.....and I just drew what come to me.
Wish me luck! ><

Bought NII Shirt few weeks ago..n waiting it to arrive at my door..
Hope it have a save ride from Korea to M'sia...Jae's T ><

Oh yea, love the new promotion Starbucks Coffee...
Cocoa Cappuccino...
Bitter plus sweet is my fav!
Guess what? Top up RM100 and u can get a card holder in RM18~
Go Grab both of them~ Hehe..

Till then, got to go for day celebration again later..LOL!


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