Jun 8, 2013


It's another wonderful day yesterday to gather with my primary classmates again. I am one of the host this time and we decided to go Mid Valley. Met up at LRT but waited some of them till 1 hour lol! I seriously tried my best to not going early, late 5 mins...but still, haha~ Hoping next time will be shorter like 30 mins or lesser? :P

K..My 1st ride of KTM to Mid Valley..never thought it so cost saving and easy! Just got to station Tasik Selatan by LRT then KTM straight to Mid Valley. Wohoo, next time i don't have to ask mom drive to there since the whole journey by train just RM1.70! :)

It considered a huge success to me in this event cuz most of them can make it..13 in total! It's the third time we gathered, n this is the most people's one! :D Glad to meet faces who I never see in a long time~

We had lunch after arrived at Taiwan Restaurant, then head to the bowling area. We were lucky as that period of time was the Fluorescent Light Glow moment, which means all area in darkness, with the Fluorescent ball and gantry and the roof of the area.

It was so damn pretty, as the whole galaxy just on your head! I totally amazed by the wonderful concept, and yes! We came at the right time. (Fluorescent Light Glow session: 2-5pm only)

 Yea, we had photoshoot session in this beautiful place too.

And....the result of our bowling haha! I dun really mind to be the bottom three since it's completely my 1st time handling a heavy ball and throw..lol! But I were surprised that I can even strike for twice! Tehee~!
Feel like gonna go again~ of course, must with a bunch of friends only would be more fun fun! :D

After that we watched Fast 6 together~ it was so awesome and a movie we cant miss out this season!
And that's end of our gathering of this time..look forward to the next one soon!

I believe, that every single person meet another person in this world, it must be related to some fate. What's more is a friend that we meet in our life. So for me, once a friend, forever a friend. A friend is to be cherish, remember, keep in touch, and share the happiness/sadness together with.

Cheers for our long live friendship,

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