Apr 25, 2013

March to April

Hey people, I am back~
*Never said I leave before lol..but yea, never update any post through this month..I know! So I come back after my assessment, now it's the arrival of holidays~! (*Shout Out Loud xD)

Through out the end of March and this month, its really been a hectic time.. busy with competition, assignments, and more. I will tell u my story happened in this passed two months, just Highlights :)
The first one is...The Once a year Malaysian International Shoe Festival!
I still feel so lucky to be one of the participants entered the final, yet.. My group won the 1st prize!
It's still make me in cloud nine when I reminding the event going on..
Just skipped the hardest part, the burning midnight oil part, the scars by wires part....It was a nice, fun, cherish experience. I still remember I were just a visitor in 2012, being impressed by the awesome, one-of-a-kind design there..And this year, Puff! My design was standing there with proud!
It's totally a DREAM COME TRUE.
My creative art~ Theme: Nature's Fury

Dress Code of Competition Day-All Black.
This was when I moved the creative art to Tourism Centre in Putrajaya.
Beside me is Mr.Bill Keith

And here it is..the moment to be cherish, when proved all the hard work are truly worth it~

Another unexpected opportunity, a photo with Prof. Dato Dr Jimmy Choo OBE.

Next Highlights~ I had become the new president of my department. *Promise myself to work harder to handle this post well, update everything, remember everything and be responsible! Hope I won't less out anything or mistakes happen in the future, definitely try to be the best. *Finger-crossed.

Up Next, the latest highlights..in this three days, it's my sem 3 final assessment! Were busy rushing day and night just for this short moment presentation.. Luckily I didn't lack out any "serious" work, but yea left out some "small" work Ish! Hope my marks still looks good when the results come to me..(One of my bday wishes pls..to get good credits, better than last sem)
But dunno why, I got a feeling that it would make me a lil disappointed..too stressed up =X

So..some pic during my assessment days..Pls say nice word or else pretend u nvr see this lol~
1st day was Fashion design & Illus..
Part of my fav piece...

Fashion Illus final piece~
2nd day...Garment Construction~
I invited Sharon, sem 2 junior to be MOTD-Model of the day
Purple dress inspired by Princess Kate ♥
And third day which is today morning...Printing Workshop II & Textile Design II
Me with my Batik~

That's all for now~ Wish me luck in the results ya!

I will update more during holidays, promised! ;)
Swaggy selca look today~

Dun you try to make a kind person pissed off.