Feb 5, 2012


After working part time for a period of time..
finally I got to rest and enjoy my nice holidays Eating n Shopping~

Sunday..Awesome Sunday at The Mines Shopping Centre..
The first thing I straight rushed to is the FAMOUS STAR among Cassie..
The latest "Eastern Sunrise" Cake from Starbucks Coffee...
Special just during this Chinese New Year period.Yea, it's gonna end soon..
I think.

What it become so so so famous among Cassie?
It's just because of the name..Translate in Chinese would be东方太阳起
Which made all cassie had the same thought--东方神起!!
Yea, TVXQ in Korea, Tohoshinki in Japan!
For me...TVXQ= Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max, U-Know! #FOREVER

I'm always AKTF...a.k.a Always Keep The Faith!

So, back to the cake now...Start with a little introduction.
Made out of Madarin Orange and infused with Cream Cheese
combined with Chocolate Cream Cheese Mousse!
Launched brand new Eastern Sunrise this Winter!

And That was me! Enjoy the sweet cake like never before~
It's my first time to eat 东方神起 indeed~lol! XD

Enjoy the nice view at The Mines river too~

So how's your Sunday? Share with me in comments~ ^^

Cheers for awesome Sunday,

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