Dec 22, 2013

Winter Solstice.Pre-Christmas

Before I going out, just fill my leisure time with a quick post to wish you Happy Winter Solstice!冬至快乐!
Have you eaten the sweet rice balls (湯圓) today? I am going to meet up my family later to have a nice dinner.Wish you all happy gather with family too yea.
One thing that I would deny if I could is we all get one year older through this day too! Oh-no, I have to say goodbye to my "Teen" age then cuz I would turn up to be twenty! How about you? Is it a happy day to grown up? Or you are a "Peter Pan" supporter like me?

                                                               My Wish....

On the other hand, the Santa season is coming closer and you guys feel the Christmas season? There's a must watch movie for dreamer out there strongly recommended by me...which is  "FROZEN" !!! Another great disney movie! There's not 2nd movie which suit this season perfectly!

Do you guys do Christmas shopping already these days? I believe most of us did, as we all having year-end holiday plus how could we leave all the nice decorations in shopping mall behind?  As usual, my relatives came down to KL from Malacca and its become an annual plan for us to walk around many different shopping mall for taking photos in this warm season. Yes, definitely a warm Christmas in here Malaysia hahaha, 100% Summer country. :)

But then, I got heard that Pavilion KL had upgraded the Christmas deco to a higher level by making the mall in snow everyday at 8pm! Unfortunately I haven't experienced it yet so far as I went back before 8pm twice lol! Yea 1st day with my classmate for a fun shopping and second with my relatives. I would say I like the Pavilion KL deco most. Hmm, not because it has the most "Wow" deco but I guess is because there have a very holy and comfortable feel to me, especially there's always a playground area for kids to play with, and this year a huge Marry Go Round. This bring more fun and laugher to people compared to others.

The Pavilion KL Snow House..Must be very pretty when there's snowing

Marry-Go-Round which make me feel bit dizzy however I still like it! :P
And met with LINE Mascot there at the 6th Floor.

My OOTD lookbook before head to MidValley. Scowling under the hot sun once in outdoor haiz.

Ready for Midvalley? Let's go!
1st glance I was being impressed by this light deco.

A castle build by music sheets.

                                                            Like the paper-made reindeer.
Another section with pink and white deco in Midvalley too. Grabbed my photo here after posted a pic with deco in insta hashtag MidvalleyNow. Thanks for the lil gift for everyone there MidValley Mega Mall.

Okay, it's end here with another photo of me under the hot Christmas feel hahaha.
What a contrast!
More Christmas season post next.......till then.
Go go gather with your family now and rmb to put down yr smartphone during the dinner later. ;) Great day.

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