Mar 26, 2012

Spot Light Week

It's a week full of Stars! I mean, idol and Asian Star!
Able to meet my M'sia Idol- Daniel Lee in Leisure Mall shopping complex.
He released a new album named Sincerely yours, Daniel recently and made a showcase.

I like his latest album a lot! He wrote some songs in that album too!
The songs he wrote are 灰色光的萤火虫,单程票,Wings and The one for me.
But my favorite song is this....Fixing a broken heart. I just looovveee him singing english songs.

Like Heaven knows also one of my favorite.
Well, this is his album's main song..直到永远with MV.

Not to forget mention about others nice songs...
OMG I'm Crazy For You, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
All sincerely sang by our Malaysian Idol--Daniel Lee! =) Well, as he said, sincere 100% album.
More about Daniel:
Daniel 李吉漢
Here's some photos took by me in the showcase~ Excited to meet him after few years!! ^^

He stood so near to the audience~~!!!! ><

Yay for the photos~ Haha....Support Malaysian Star too!

It also a week full of F1 racing car and Ferrari!! I think I started to be usual to look at sport car now...Fml~ Just like I saw too many hot babes in a day.. ;P
For guys who love hot babes so much....let me introduce you!!

Both in Pavilian KL now!

Well, that's more!! Petronas F1 M'sia in KLCC!

Even on top of your sight! Cool Max! All in KLCC~
So, if you heard about Girl's Generation came to M'sia......Guess what??
I actually went there no matter how crowded it would be! LikeaBoss~ XD
Ended up, crowded over million of audience in KLCC outdoor...Just to meet 9 Hot Korean Stars!
I can said that the moment you felt that they actually near with you, it's way different compared to when you watched their performance in youtube, tv or any others video!!
I can say it definitely WORTH IT! I'm not a SONE but I knew to sing all their songs~
If you're a Sone! You must have went to the concert! *Erm, if don't have to be jelly also.
Why? Sooyoung and Taeyeon said they will be back to M'sia again soon!!
Such a nice News for Sone ikr? XD

Okay, let's see how crowded there was...

It's still very SNSD perform at 8pm.....But the crowd ==

Some busy buying merchandizes like FOC to get tickets to premium zone for concert~
The lines really scares me away....hahaha.

They were here finally!!!! Seohyun in SCREEN !!! They sangs six songs in total!
The Boys is my favorite!! How about you? ;) They're lovely and hot!

You can search youtube for Fancam vid live performance too~
Let's hope the girls will be back very soon!!

After that, next day I was back to the same location-Pavilian KL for fashion show.
Pavilian Pitstop was having a Spring Summer Collection Fashion Show from several brands.

I got to watch show from G2000 Men & Women, Rabeanco in the first day.

Me with pitstop background.

Next day back to Pavilian again....Surprisingly let me meet more cars!!! Ferrari this time.

Ferrari Show at front entrance of Pavilian KL.

Edited to stand out the RED hot NE19 XD

Yellow with black strips like Bumble Bee~ ^^

Can you guess which is my favorite one~????

Yea, this is my fav! I lov Ferrari F450 with full matte black so much!! ♥

Back to Fashion show....I was be able to watch show from Marry Merry only...Sad case to miss out many brands! Hmm, at least I get to see gown...elegant gorgeous gown~ =)

Nice show after all~

Spot light everywhere from Daniel to F1 cars to Girl's Generation to Ferrari to Fashion show....
Like stars indeed. ;P

That's all for the busy outing week post~ Enjoy your weeks too!


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