Feb 15, 2013

Emerald-Ugly duck turning to a Swan

Bonjour personnes,
  Before I move forwards to Chinese New Year post, let's just have some small post about colors of the year~ Yea, color is everywhere in our life..however we always missed out the vip which make our world brighten up..isn't it? So, as a fashion student, color had never been more important in my life..for you there who might be a designer too, or fashionista, or u like color, or u just purely wonder etc etc...well continue to scroll ;)

  So our main color of 2013 clearly shown..it's GREEN in majority. Hmm, not just green as it also can be separated to different name by slightly different changes.

The 1st and famous would be

For me I think Emerald is the 1st...but nothing 100% sure you know..so others analyzed that blue come 1st..Depends :)
 So..I still support Emerald though..cuz it's so unique :P
Truth is, I were not so into it before this..*Think that it's kinda boring color and "Dirty" instead of pinky or baby blue or romantic purple? Opppsss my bad. Now I totally have different opinion about it. Why? Because color that I thought is boring stands out in design, viz: Deco, Dress, Interior etc.

If you feel that it's boring like I did..check these out~

I know....isn't it GREAT?! Yea, with right color chips matching..even the most boring color can turn into beautiful princess. (*It's like a story of ugly duck and it turned into gorgeous swan in 2013! Lol!)
Okay, do not crap so much as you already know the color for this season..Leave me comments if you wanna know more about post like this, then I'll further write similar topic ya~
Now, my green dress- wore on Khoon Hooi S/S 13 collection runway show.

And latest bought H&M jacket
I just Not Dare to wear out Emerald Green clothes..as it's nearly NEON! -.-
Oh ya, my H&M jacket green which is dark olive green also kinda SWAG right now
 as a soldier color..Dun miss it with large jacket which make you look cool! ;)

That's all, Ciao~  

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19th Birthday-END

POTD 190113
Like this new words:
A-bit of
Okay here we go part II of my bday celebration on 19012013 haha~ yea, 19th Jan for 19th Bday :D
Was told to be doll-up and ready at home 6.30pm n wait for the "lambo" to arrive xD
so yea, went up to fren's car with zero idea where Im going to..
Then, we arrived this korean cuisine which full of people...(*It's at 2nd floor but customers lined-up till out of the stairs...& when I thought i gonna be the next my friends lead me to walk up straight away...thanks to them for made us like a boss xD )
My best friends know me well...cuz when I see korean food=nice dishes everywhere ^^ Tehee~

Glad my friends enjoyed the food like me~ Yay for BBQ meats too! Awwwwsome!


 Went to "National Library" after that to relax and chit-chating...Oppssss..It's Library :)

 No joke~ It's a library that serve BEER!! Wulala~
Then, started a crazy photo session (Out-of-no-where) -.-
Like these three..dress code for the girls? 0.o Nice coincident!

 You see them all...so enjoy hahaha! How could I missed out from it? My turn is next~ hehe

With Shin Liew~

With Aunchian

With Kelly

& all of us~

Some drunk faces? :D

 Never did this for quite some time...So, who's shoes most special of all? =D
Needa thank my sis for all this..from surprise to gather~ It's all reason for my happy 19th birthday :D
Thanks and luv yea~!
All newly bought for CNY actually XD except my shoes
My great moment of 19th started with you all by my side.
(We heard a lot since primary..but still) Friends Forever!
Cheers, and may my wishes come true xD

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