Dec 19, 2011

The Board Of Librarian

Hate to write this..but it's a truth that I can't deny..
My post as a Librarian had finally came to the end.
Well, fortunately I heard all of us had the same words--Once a librarian, forever a librarian!
If not, I guess I would cried badly in the dinner night.

It's tough to end my high school life, especially said farewell to my beloved librarians board!
I learn a lot during the days I'm holding this PPS post..From a girl who don't even know how to print out perfect words well till could wrote out a report without a single mistake.
I really appreciate a lot, to Miss and juniors
who worked with me..teach me ways to solve problems..

Another great thing I could never ever forget is that every year's dinner.
I was the artist for year 2010..Designed the stage background and performance as well.
Maybe others would think that's a lot of job to do
but I can't tell how happy I was when I took this job!
It's just something I love to do...and something I could do for the board I love.

I met a lot of new friends in the board especially for the performance..
Fashion show's models..Dancers..singers~
They were so hardworking to make a successful dinner~And of course we did it!
I remembered there was during the "A Sombre Jubilation" year..
I was actually danced and cat walked with sickness and my legs cramp at the same time!
How awful it was? I just could tell that I can't even remember what I was doing..
*But I did danced..with PAIN in my brain ;( Well, luckily I did finished my part.

This year, we as form 5 can't join the performance because of SPM..
But this year, we had a special trip to Ipoh!
Lost world of Tambun, Gua Tempurung and Ipoh new town was amazing!
Even though there's some accident happened in the lost world
cause by me who can't swim fell into water..but I'm still happy abt this awesome trip!
Thanks to the facilities who really made this trip for us! *Strawberry jiejie and Sheau En!

Then, it came to the night we all really don't want to attend but must attend too~
The PPS Annual Dinner! I saw many of our members posted some status like-can I don't go tmr?/Can tmr nvr come? etc..It's quite obvious that we don't hope to leave.
But time never stop..isn't it?

During the dinner~ We were busying captured photos as many as we can..
Well, it's a way to keep the moment..As that's the only way I think.
Well done to all the performance..They really did a great job!
Likes the HUH dance, Jenn Yuan's Oh dance and drama~ ^^
Lastly what did we ended with? More photo session..TEHEE!
Yuupp..Until I forgot to cry. =)

It's never been that sad for this badge to leave..
I mean plus Miss Ma going to leave the school and the board also..
She really a tough,strong and responsible teacher that I respect.
Few times during her speech, I cried in the dark.
All in my mind was, how lucky we are, having her as the boards teacher,
The boards GUARDIAN!
Now, we leave..she leave us also..leaving the boards with the juniors to hold.
I fully hope, our bond would never stop at here.
It would be exist,forever in our heart!
That's because we always knew..
Once a Librarian,
Forever a Librarian!

(*Continue our journey with joy, & hope we'll meet again someday.)

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