Jul 5, 2012

Assessment/Test 1


This few weeks busy deal with my assignments and test~ Such a busy period! Well, today finally got time to post something new here as its my last bm test for half semester...yea, another half will arrive soon..and have to deal with Bahasa Malaysia which most of my friends already said buh-bye to..==" Luckily, I like BM.

Started my busy period with painting assessment...first time ever to present my work on board all by myself..
Tried my best to give a good presentation..and all ran well~ Tehee ;D
Painting assessment
Drawing assessment

and last was the 3D studies+Art & Design Fundamental assessment...with the most work to finish...
And I was busy all the time just to complete these assignments.

Linear Structure: Dancing Women

So happy when I able to finish them.. ;)
The purple one is abstract planner structure =)
Happy me~ XD

Planner structure: White Peacock

My favorite design of all....it was my friends favorite during the assessment too..
Thanks for yr compliments! =)

Yup..That's all for my 1st time ever assessment in M.I.A...more to go..wish me luck and creative enough! LOL! Let's be inspired instead of living a boring life weeeeee~ ;D