Oct 14, 2013

10 days Trip to Japan vol.1 大阪市Show

こんにちは~! Hello to my dear readers,
this is a post from what I've done in the holiday while today actually is my first day of semester 5. Aww, last two semester and I am gonna graduate! Time flies..wish me luck in this new sem. ;)

So, I had just experienced the most well spend-great holiday in my life so far in pass two weeks! I was so so lucky to fly to Japan with Sakura Collection team, to the sakura countries which also the signature beauty of Asian in my eyes after I won the Sakura Collection Students Award'13. What's more? I was going there all alone but met with so many new friends from M'sia and other Asia countries! That's so new to me..and now I can't agree more of this quote "True life start when you're out of your comfort zone!" 

First time for airplane, all went well except my legs can't fits the small space I have well! :P
First time to go somewhere far far away from home and was worried how if I got home sick but actually I was in "Eat well, play hard, sleep tight" condition x)
First time to meet with so many great people from different countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea and of course Japan! Not to mention all the pro designers, models, artists and even a strong staff team backstage! 
Besides, Japan is also my very first touch down land other than Singapore..and glad that I can stay for 10 days from Osaka to Nara, Chiba and lastly Tokyo! :))

Met with Yuri before going to Japan with Eleen, model represent Malaysia for Osaka. :)

Nice view everywhere in Osaka! 

And this was the very first lunch time and we met and introduced ourselves 
in that restaurant.
-Lunch menu: Smoky pork with Japanese Salad.


And there's our very first Sakura Collection Digest 
in Breeze Breeze Complex/Hall on 27/9/13.
Models with my Golden Pavilion designs: Eleen Yong and Japanese model.

Dinner of the night: 
Menu: Salad, Small Udon to go with special sauce, Sashimi and Octopus Set plate, and a large Cream Udon! So full and delicious~ 


The day after in Kansai International Airport for 2nd show of Sakura Collection Digest! 
Awesome Japanese breakfast to brighten up my day! Idadakimaz~ :)
Menu: As on table...lol! x)

            Eleen Yong wearing my second design, 
                                           the ample skirt with a dramatic japanese hairstyle! 
                         The japanese rocker hairstylist really did impressed me, 
                                                                          once and for all the show after! すごい! 

                                Photo sessions: :))  Eleen/Newwy/Changwoo/Chae Been/Me 



And they said, we are like long-lost sisters..Eleen Yong ;) 
Would like to spend more days with her but she was only there for two nights.. 
Hope we have chances to meet again! :)

That's for Day 1 & 2 in Osaka. Next, Nara City! :)                                        
 --To be continue.......
大阪記録終了....次に、奈良市 ^^
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