Jan 26, 2014


Yup a late post for recording the day I turned twenty! Seriously like everyone of my friends said, no more teen..teen..teen but 2 as a start in my age in coming 10 years! Feel like gonna get older even faster now but what to do? We live. we grow. we learn. That's the best way we enjoy our life and ya must stay happy for it!
*Proud to turn twenty in no time, PEACE! 
So, I had a lil celebration with my family on the day before..as dad bought me cakes in late night omgawd!
Great time to celebrate in the warm atmosphere with the people who know me best and I cherish most.

The 18th day I was having class in the morning then my friends told me to get prepared before 7pm similar like last year hehe. Back home after class I was having a fever (damn a fever on my birthday!) then straight go to bed, hoping for a better health after a short rest. (damn again I ai't hope to sleep on the day of 18!) There's not one or two things didn't go as what I think and plan. Woke up in a better but still blur blur situation I ate some food then my phone "ding dong" and my friends told me I should be at their house at 6pm! OMG! I totally awake that moment and got prepared asap! Pheww...luckily ended up I got prepared well! Haha.

I wonder why the birthday main character always the most blur and not in situation one among all. And I was
sitting in my friend's car without knowing where they gonna fetch me to..again! 

At last, I knew when they enter the car park, of "Scott Garden Soho". We were here...not for Cocoon or whatever bar/clubs there but awesome Japanese cuisine which totally worth a long miles from our house. ^^
Photo by JingYi ;) 

Let me introduce you if you're a Japanese food lover like me, The "Zakuro Japanese Restaurant!"located few shops beside the Cocoon Bar. When we were there, I found out the shop is not so huge but quite relaxing surroundings with brown color deco and a LCD TV with lots of great english songs haha. Had a glance through the menu and as others they have sushi, bento sets, ala cart etc and also buffet set which include from starter to desserts! 

We were not in big groups of people so we all decided to order set for own selves. I had this delicious soba meal like no others in Malaysia since I back from Japan. Believe me this taste so Japan with the eggs too aww! (highlights: Their Chawan Mushi is the best dish in house!)

And the birthday girl important cake moments! 
And groups photosss

  Missing out AhBu in this photo.... 
2nd round to Damouth Karaoke leaving the Scott Garden where slowly got crowded when the night getting darker. Sang to countdown my birthday to end.

He made it to popped out before end of my birthday too busy doctor! Haha Thanks :)

Group photos without all in again..
Appreciate much ;)

After the day, my classmates gave me a big surprise on Monday where I was sewing in the early morning, Soke Khei just stepped in then switched off all the lights with eyes on me. Really hilarious when I was about to ask her how I sew in dark then see they holding a "Cake on fire" for me lol! Jessie's handmade Oreo cheesecake wualaaa! Taste so good that I recommended her to sell her recipe to secret recipe hehe~ Thank you so much girls. 

Not to miss out they gave another surprise on Tuesday with a gift box to me! A fashionable shirt which suit my taste :) Wore it for the lil photo session in Avenue K after that as a memorable end of my celebration! 

Extra: The visit to Chuan Looi- Lid and Let Live Exhibition @ AvenueK.

19th was a long and experience gained year, yet 20 would be more to come for sure! Ready for it, love life!

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Jan 3, 2014


Hello dear readers, first thing first,
we had officially began the year of 2014! Happy New Year!
I've send my words to friends and family, and  I am here now wishing you to have a great year ahead and may all your wishes and new year resolution would come true yea! 

I wonder how you all had welcoming the new year arrival? For me I've joined my bunch of friends BBQ+Potluck+Countdown as last year. It's amazing that we had more people in da house this year as you can see! Haha luckily we fitted in the camera shots, LOL! Kidding, I really like to have a bunch of people to say goodbye to year 2013 so that my year end with no regret! 
#OOTD for countdown.

Okay, maybe some party idea for you if you plan to have a party next time? 
We had a potluck party last year and everyone of us brought a dish to the house. However, we ended up couldn't finish all the food and had left them to the host to makan, lol quite pity him. So, if you plan to do potluck with those dish like meehoon, curry chicken, fried rice, finger snacks, and some desserts, just remember not to cook too much and try to estimate after checking how many people and what dishes others would bring. This should help a lot for not wasting the good food after party. ;)

Back to this year party, we had planned to do BBQ and some of us bring potluck to avoid being too boring nor too much food. I was so excited for the BBQ part as the last time I've joined a BBQ party was like two or three years ago with them. After confirming that we would have BBQ I've search the internet for some ideas of food instead of just meat. 

So here's the final ingredients for BBQ: 
Chicken Wings (vry main stream but nice so it's a must! haha), 
meatballs and sausages (thumbs up for the cheeziee sausages! Yum!), 
Sago desserts 
and the others I've recommended after did some "survey" on net..
and sweet potatoes. 

Hmm the marshmallows actually also recommended by my fellow friends..who doesn't love marshmallow? Hehe..
Then, I was so free as it's holiday so decided to join other three friends to "Pasar" the morning market and CS brothers after that for the ingredients shopping date lol! Met with them and we bought the ingredients like a chef ahahaha! So much fun especially when Shin and I saw a huge pack of marshmallow!! We were so happy for no reason then fastx2 grab a pack! Luckily, we also never forgot other side ingredients like honeydew, vanilla ice-cream and sago for the sago ice-cream dessert, honey and marinade powder for the smoky chicken wings. What a nice morning to shop with friends and others uncle auntie watching us like why this four teenagers come play play ah? xD Oh yea, we also had a breakfast in Kopitiam which never happen in my life for Nyears already. Oppsss...I should wake up early more often to have breakfast outside next time. :P

Now move on to the party! We had added in a present exchange part less than 1 week before to bring more fun to the event. I was thinking what to buy and actually got 0% idea in my head but I just Whroom..Whroom...to the Pavilion area walk around. What happened? I ended up shopping in H&M without getting any pressiess.. ;( Changed my location back to Leisure Mall after I bought some clothes from the city. Then only I bought the pressie..not to keep secret la as it already exchanged and given to my friend, I want something that can suit from kids to adults, from boy to girl sooo I bought a pendrive with slightly over the budget. I think it's good as everyone of us need more "Space" in the computer lol what I'm talking...anyway, yea a Pendrive! DIY wrapped well~ ;)

The guys were so rajin to build up the fire on la night and BBQ for the girls...(*Clapsss plsss) So most of us the girls just makan at the beginning, but funny things happened when we found out the chicken wings were half cooked and meaning the other part still raw..LOL! Hmm..not much to complain as we eat without doing much thing. Then more and more people arrived while we busy discussing about the uncooked chicken and more food to eat. Till then, we girls finally started to cook! That's is all for the cute marshmallow with chocolate...haha! We were cooking the marshmallow to melt it's inner part, then quickly dip it in the "melted cadbury chocolate fountain", next second, be amazed by the awesomely delicious desserts! Not to forgot the Sago ice-cream was my favourite too! Besides, Chef.Chen brought a salad which totally stimulate our appetite! Main dishes were pineapple fried rice, meehoon, curry vege, and more. 

Next after we filled our tummy with food was the present exchange! We had learnt the game from "康熙來了" a Taiwanese TV show that each of us grab a rope end after messing up the rope together. Then we slowly pull the rope, turn and twist to find who is the one holding the other end of the same rope. That's the two persons who gonna exchange presents to each other! It was extremely fun when there's actually a very special "definitely out of main stream" present that everyone would fear to get from haha! Guess what? I was the one who gonna exchange that present! Well I was totally not angry but just speechless why I was being so lucky at that moment..then there's another friend end up does not pair up. So we came out this 1st 2nd 3rd prize idea again to evenly exchange present to everyone. At last, my 1st prize was changed to another friend..and I got myself a H&M gift card! Oh well! I am lucky to get as it definitely so useful to me~ :DD
Another cards game after that...till 5mins before 2014!

We rushed to the outdoor and had a view for the fireworks! Screamed out loud 5...4....3...2....1.Happy New Year!!!!! Officially stepped in 20th for our generation!

Peace for another New Year! Ready for a list of new year resolutions NOW!  Happy 2014, Rock it ON!

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