Jan 2, 2012

Hello 2012

Oh my..I'm late!! But still, Happy New Year!
Happy 2012~! =)

Countdown at No-named hill..Nice experience ever!
Countdown with many people which idk...was FUN~!!

Well, it's actually is Segar Hill..I mean at Bukit Segar~ ;)

The most "Geng" fireworks award of year 2012 goes to.....*Drums

The KLCC! * Like went out of fire cause too smoky.. =P

Erm...That's a closer look by pro photographer la...
I was too far from the location..;(

My view was something like this....

New Year, New Life, New School, New ME!
Start my 2012 with a smile....and VACATION!

Gonna depart to Genting Highlands very soon..Tomorrow~

Will enjoy myself for sure~ While others will back to school life!

Envy huh? Devil's me~ LOL! XD

Lastly, wish me, my family, my friends and people all around the world..
always live in peace and be happy!

Cheers for 2012!

Love Life!

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