Dec 1, 2011

Break Free!

It's Break Free time~!! ><
Today..I had a test as many of my friends did not took it.
It's A.R.T! Playin with colours~ And I mean A Lot! Lol..
See......a lot right? ;)

Okay, after finish 3 hours of painting in school..
I am finally free to shop and eat..
*Forgot to eat lunch before my exam..Starving for the three hours..MG
So Imma starving artist today? Ish..
But guess what? I wanna pay back my tummy double! come the latest+hottest Kenny Roger Roaster's Cheezy Chicken!
Served with tomatoes salad, Chicken & my favourite Spagetti~ ^^

Mum got here Classic Roaster plate too! Like her salad more than mine..=P

We shared a Minty Choco Ice Blended~ It's delicious! Until I forgot to take photo..><
It's the first time I ate Kenny Roger till FULL!
Can't really believe it~ Haha..Guess I ordered too much..

However, I almost forgot to buy the other "Must Eat" food which was in my "TO DO LIST".
It is the.....Starbucks Coffee- Cranberry White Chocolate Frappucino!
How sweet it is! Oh my...Taste like it's Christmas~^^ Try it!

Before end...Surprise! It's actually my books la..
After 2 years of study..finally I can say BuhBye to Them! Yay~~
Got my Half height! Can you believe it? Haha..

& don't forgot the meaning of December 1..It's World AIDS Day!
My beloved JYJ had became the UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassadors~
They really did their best to promote it! Well Done!
Care for the unlucky ones...Bring Peace & Love..Love Always!

Oh yea, latest me is in the heat of MAMA Mnet Music Award!
Even the stage is awesome~
Held at Singapore on 29th November~ Why not M'sia for 2012? ^^
I am totally in "like" with 2NE1 and MissA live..Cool 100%!!

Both in HD! Don't miss it~

Lastly, my camwhore longer to wear this, Ya!

* I'm a good student all this years! Am I? ;P

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