Feb 12, 2013

180113: 19th BDay 180113

Hate myself unable to post up the best day in 2013 so far...and now I have to mention the date in title as well..LOL~ Okay, 180113 what so special till I cant ignore, it's my sweet 19th Birthday!!

So, it's T.G.I.Friday..and I came out plan to celebrate with mummy in Pavilian in the afternoon. Shop shop shop made me so happy (*Girls are girls) then went to have lunch in Zang Toi Cafe

which I did a lot of "research" on website before that day~ You know what...This menu totally bring me to cloud 9! See the price yet dishes you can get? & tea punch refill for free~

What a big surprise as it's opened by Malaysia Top Fashion Designer--Zang Toi! Yea, it's a must to have lunch on my birthday date in such wonderful place with such delicious food hehe :D

Happy kid in Toi's Cafe...haha~
& yea, the lovely dishes~ Tea punch was my fav actually...juicy tea full with fruits pieces! I felt so healthy when having it..lol!

Then, the main dish! Wohoo...my Hainam Chicken Chop and mum's Club Sandwich
Hehe..how could I miss out photo session in this beautiful environment?

Don't forget the dessert too! You would definitely regret for not having it! Hot and cold again~

Nice moment in Zang Toi Cafe~! Strongly recommend :D
It's near to CNY that time...so many deco in Pav~

My Zodiac~ Chicken Little! xD

As I mentioned it's Friday..Which mean I have to attend tuition class at night..was thinking I would spend few hours left with class and then back home to sleep...But......I would never think of..
my friends all pop out from out of the doorgate plus singing happy birthday plus having a big secret recipe cake in hand.....while I'm busy wearing my shoes after the class! Surprise too BIG! LOL~
I almost got home...I almost wear "un-nicely"....I almost forgot my friends always came out with these planssss....ahahaha~ Really appreciate this surprise, it's first time to receive such thing in my life, in 19th Birthday! Thankssss so much till I cant say a word except laughed out loud!

Was not in any preparation....so..ugly me with beautiful bday cake~ lol!

This is dangerous act..Please dun try practice at home..xD

These are my friends who "gap mai lei" surprised me..haha, Thanks guys :D
You all succeed.. xD

That's all for my 19th Birthday...............................................................? Not yet xD

2nd part,
 to be continue.

 Thanks for reading an out-dated post patiently :))

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