Feb 16, 2012

In the Romantic Season ♥

Welcome to my blog again~
Suddenly have the mood to edit one of my photos taken during CNY~
Haha...It's Lavender Lim on a lavender bed..By Edited ;)
Hope you all like this ^^/

Then, I must can't forgot the 2012 Valentine's Day which passed!
Why? This is because it's my working day and *foreveralone...Haha~
Kidding~who cares =P I got this as my lunch weh~~

See the Heart Shape Bread n Egg..Stick together will be a perfect match! ^^
Ohh yea, and the two lil light bulb..Opps, nice decoration of Ferrero Rocher Chocholate!
Guess who made it for me?!! Answer would be somewhere in this post! Tehee~

Went to a wedding dinner in Crowne Plaza Hotel near KLCC few days ago too...

It's a theme of Romantic Fairy Tales.. They got married as husband and wife
Live in the Ballroom stage~ Well, I never seen these before~ =)
One more thing I never seen, the ballroom was full of Nigeria waiters!
I mean, no offend~ Just something special & memorable..
*They had a great smile and kept serving up cocktail~ Nice people!

The card decoration is LOVE!
isn't? ^^

The written words,
Just like a page out of a fairy tale
the storybook romance comes true....

The ans: My beloved mum XD

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Feb 6, 2012

Chap Goh Mei

It's Chap Goh Mei yesterday...which was Chinese Valentine's Day...
Well, I'm single! But that's not mean I had to be emo and stay at home right??
Went to enjoy my fifth 18th birthday celebration which organized by my sis..
It was totally fun!

(Felt so so sorry to LeeHom in this photo....LOL)

I know that my sisters tried their best to make a surprise party for me..
But too sad due to some communication probs I couldn't make on Saturday..
(*Actually I had to work on Sat, and I don't really wanna take leave cuz that's bad..)
So, they had to postponed it to Monday, which many of them can't attend..
But it's ok for me~ I mean, ppl not must had a surprise to be happy right?

Another thing is, I was sick! At this critical time! Imma wanna cry for that~
They actually planned to have the party in Neway K Box~ Then, all canceled again.

Luckily, everything turned well when we had lunch at WongKok Restaurant..
Enjoy the latest movie--The Wedding Diary which was SuperB for us~ ^^

Really had a great time...

I also received a gift handmade from JYJY Sdn.Bhd company..
What's JYJY? It stand for Jing Yi

& Jen Yee...

My two lil sis =)

One of the fav part is..I never know they can brought me four pieces of....
Eastern Sunrise Cake!!

*As my experience..Leisure Mall's Starbucks Coffee seldom have this stock..
And I actually went to The Mines's Starbucks to eat this cake!
Never know I gonna eat it again as birthday cake~! Happy~~~
(*If you never read my previous post, you might don't know why Im so happy with this cake..)
A picture of clue here....=P

Thanks for all who celebrate my birthday again~
Really appreciate everything, even the small lil thing you all did for me...
It's a simple celebration, but would be memorable for me, forever!

Cheers for our friendship,
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Feb 5, 2012


After working part time for a period of time..
finally I got to rest and enjoy my nice holidays Eating n Shopping~

Sunday..Awesome Sunday at The Mines Shopping Centre..
The first thing I straight rushed to is the FAMOUS STAR among Cassie..
The latest "Eastern Sunrise" Cake from Starbucks Coffee...
Special just during this Chinese New Year period.Yea, it's gonna end soon..
I think.

What it become so so so famous among Cassie?
It's just because of the name..Translate in Chinese would be东方太阳起
Which made all cassie had the same thought--东方神起!!
Yea, TVXQ in Korea, Tohoshinki in Japan!
For me...TVXQ= Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max, U-Know! #FOREVER

I'm always AKTF...a.k.a Always Keep The Faith!

So, back to the cake now...Start with a little introduction.
Made out of Madarin Orange and infused with Cream Cheese
combined with Chocolate Cream Cheese Mousse!
Launched brand new Eastern Sunrise this Winter!

And That was me! Enjoy the sweet cake like never before~
It's my first time to eat 东方神起 indeed~lol! XD

Enjoy the nice view at The Mines river too~

So how's your Sunday? Share with me in comments~ ^^

Cheers for awesome Sunday,

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