Apr 1, 2012

Shoe Festival

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So, wonder why my latest profile photos look clearer than the previous one?
Or...You are a camera lovers, likes to take nice photos?
You may have a lil interest in this post...I bought a new Canon EOS 600D camera!!
You won't know how happy I am, it's a dream come true~
Well, not that simple...I aim to buy it myself, and yet after few months of hard work,
I DID IT!!! *No pain, no gain! I totally agree now~ For you guys who have a wonderful wish,
hmm....don't just wishing all the time, try to get it by your own hard work?
It's all about patient and keep the spirit going, don't stop till you reach it! Hehe...

Here's my "Honey"~ ;)
Isn't so so cute? LOL!

If you wanna know my honey too, click the link below for more details~
Canon 600D

On the day I bought my "honey"....Oh-yea, I bought it from a shop named Shangri-La in MidValley.
I spotted this nice red car in the Polo Fragrance Launce Shop...Nice car right?

So...My friends just upload some photos from the day we took SPM results~
Nervous enough for a week before that...Gosh, took the result was a big huge relieve for me!!
 We went to MidValley to have a celebration after that....Lunch at The Garden Cafe, movie "3Xtrouble" ~

Nice outing after all, reminded me the time we took PMR "N"years ago...outing at MidValley after that too...LOL! Almost same except we all grow up a lot! ;P

Next...If you heard about the Malaysia 3rd biggest Shoes International Festival?!! You have to see this if you missed it~ *It's an awesome event for shoes lover or fashion lover! There's shoes from famous designer, Dato.Jimmy Choo..Shoes Design Competition winner, and lots of latest shoes designed from several shoe brand, all showcase in PWTC Kuala Lumpur from 29th March- 1st April 2012!  
1st prize for Mini-shoe design competition~ Cool right??!

If you missed it and you really like to have a look on what's going on...click link below.:
Malaysia Shoes Festival Photo Album
I snapped as many nice shoes and design as I could during the whole journey in PWTC~ 
For a fashion lover, enjoy and be proud of our Malaysian Talented Designer! 
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Lavender's Page
Thanks ;)
 On the way back home...with LRT.
*There was a lil thing happened in the station...An elderly cannot really understand how to use the new LRT token system- where the ticket we used change to token, and have to buy from a machine...
The elderly only can understand chinese, sadly there's only english n malay...
The counter which have some workers inside not allow people to buy ticket from counter anymore...
So, there came a big problem for the elderly who wanna buy LRT ticket.
I've helped that elderly to buy through machine...told him steps by steps on the screen, hope he can use it next time without feeling helpless....But how about others?
*Well, me myself even wasted a few mins to understand the complicated system when I used it 1st time...

For you who plan to use Malaysia LRT station, or just to learn earlier...There's some steps..

1) Walked to the station, you can see some machine "Probably opposite of counter".
2) It is a touch screen machine...So point which language you prefer "Malay or English".
3) Then, there's a map coming up on screen. Don't worry about it confusing...You just have to find where you wanna go, the name of location, or some where near your location and point it.
4) There come a bigger map where it zoom in your destination and state the price..You just point at it.
5) Up next is the passenger unit (How many token you wanna buy=how many person) and price at below.
6) Pay the money and you can get your blue round token at the bottom..with change if have.
7) After that, touch your token on the passenger way like a "Touch & Go".
 *You only can use RM1,2,5 and ceiling for the machine...RM10 n above are not allow.
If you pay more than the exact price, machine will auto return back your extra money at the bottom.
Have a nice ride in LRT!

Till next, Tata~ ;)