Dec 10, 2013

10 days Trip to Japan vol:5 東京

Finally last post of Japan, I arrived in Tokyo! The place people full of love and passion~
Had three days show for Sakura Collection in the Tokyo Tower, and some free time around the city. What's more, I got to Harajuku the fashion streets where fashionista, fashion lover must go!
Okay, this is hotel view from Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa. Spot the Tokyo Tower? Lovely isn't it!
The 1st day had gone pretty busy where all people preparing the show to the best, till the last sec. And that's my post a performer? hahaha...I'm the designer, again ;)

My model busy preparing behind the stage...and there where I stay most of the time.
Met lots of great people in backstage, see how they style the models and artists, giving out their best to show their designs, no matter what happened, I learnt a lot! 
Met the general from Japan! Hehehehe

Models started to do rehearsal under the rains with hot Lexus Sports!
Back then, the show was about to begin, met with people from Tokyo Soir company backstage and send me some photos during my trip to their company.

Not to left out, my models with me! Ruri-san and Kiyomi-san. Kiyomi-san share the same age with me woots! So wanna be friends with them but I can only communicate with them smoothly when there's a translator standing nearby..kinda embarrassed by asking the translator helped me to talk with them, but really happy I can got into some chats with these pretty girls ;))
Another model for me, Shizuka-san on the third day during the Sakura Collection finale show.

Love this shot I got from facebook, stunning!

Ruri-san smile like a sakura flower. 
Japanese artist group-Junretsu performing

Japanese Drum Performance

and there's Kimono fashion show too.

Newwy singing on stage! :D

Oh my god! See this view? I was at the middle of Tokyo Tower, Club 333!

The countries represented designers with their designed on stage. Holding microphone, our Malaysia Young Talented designer, Joe Chia with top model Amber Chia.

After the show, I follow Joe Chia head to Harajuku for awesome discovery about Japan Fashion!

I should thank him more than twice for brought me to those fashion store, concept store which I would never found out myself! 
Me standing on Harajuku! A place I swear I've gonna come back here again!
Back to Nescafe Cafe for a dinner party with all amazing members of Sakura Collection team.
Plus, a birthday celebration for Joe Chia and Tong-san from Thailand.

Lastly, photos of great people I met in this trip!
I cherish I had met with her, Newwy a lovely girl and sometimes can be awesomely fun when we playing around in this trip! 

Some special models who treated people full of friendly attitude and able to make friends with them...

With Yuri, members of Sakura Collection Team and who came to airport just to send me safely to Japan :D

A precious photo of Malaysia team, Joe Chia, Amber Chia and me with Yuri! Haha

And the VVIP, Ms. Noriko the producer of Sakura Collection 2013. Thank you so much for caring me and treat me like your own daughter through the trip! See you soon~

A Group Photo!

So, my trip ended with a lot of gifts in my another meanings, a lot of great people I met, new friends, designers, new fashion sense and inspiration, new scenery and experience which really made this 10 days trip rewarding fully.."滿載而歸" for real!!
Beautiful city, beautiful people...hope we will meet again in life one day!

XOXO, LavenderLim.

-Japan Trip.Final Vol.End-

10 days Trip to Japan vol:4 千葉

It's already December and this year so gonna end soon, but before I proceed to the new year resolution or countdown or anything..I shall continue my post about trip to Japan and perhaps have a nice ending for this lovely trip which so happened in this year. (I was just finished my assessment few days ago but still there's project in my hand, so don't pissed off by my #throwback post lol! )

Yosh! This post is all about Chiba and Sakura Collection 2013 in Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan.
Chiba, also known as 千葉 in Japanese, was the final prefecture before I reached Tokyo. It's a beautiful yet friendly country for me as I had so much fun in this place.

We were rushing to the ShinKanSen aka Bullet Train station early morning..Almost missed the train but luckily we reached just on time. Miwa-san bought me this green tea on train so sweet of her, with my ticket!
But we all stopped half way to join team in Chiba after about half an hour on train.

See this awesome view!! It's Tokyo Bay~ I was so lucky to have my lunch here. The restaurant view is "to-die-for"
After that, we head to the First visit place in Chiba, the Nihonji Temple. It is well-known for the huge Buddha statue craved using the mountain rock. 

There's Wishing Buddha for prayers to make their wish there too.
The other wishing way is to have this Wish Doll without eyes. Why its without eyes? Because the eyes only could draw when you are wishing something on the left and when it come true, draw the right one.
(I bought this for myself to pray for meeting great people in life, but I will keep this eyes blank till my birthday hehe..)

Me with the huge Buddha behind. 

Cute right? It's named Chiba-kun, the Chiba Mascot! It's designed in this shape because of the Chiba shape in maps exactly the same, including the tongue lol! Like Chiba-kun lots!
The next thing I can see around Japan was this..and alot!
Were in here to shop too.. I personally like the way they build the shops..feel like walking in a Paris street out of sudden, with the cozy weather what more can I say, The Best Shopping Experience! 
Head to our dinner place after that, a nice decorated traditional Japan restaurant.

Menu of the day, proudly to say there are chinese words(漢字),
 which mean I can read some of it, but not in pronouncing it hehe.
Full of delicious food! 

 The restaurant boss and her daughter came in and have some brief of her restaurant history to us.
Next, they introduce the Geisha in Japan performing songs and play games with us. I didn't know that part of Geisha responsible is to play games with guest as a tradition too till that time.

Me playing Japanese traditional games.Haha its totally more difficult than I thought.

And guess who in the house? Ms.Amber our M'sia Top Model joined us in Chiba and we finally met during our dinner, in Japan! A lovely photo with the Geisha.

The day after, I woke up and joined breakfast with thai team in the hotel. This hotel was the only one include western and traditional Japanese tatami floor in hotel rooms. It's separated to two buildings and another building even have hot spring and a disco pool full of light!
My breakfast...and that morning was so hazy which I thought clouds but then...It's TYPHOON!
Arrived at the Mother Farm in this cold cold cold weather...nice to experience typhoon which another scenery I don't see every day. But all the strawberry, blueberry and animal farm all covered..include the mountain unlucky not seeing the famous mount Fuji during my trip seriously..
But then we all cheered up by a yummy milk ice-cream in cold and the cute animals..

Awesome show performed by the mother farm animals! 
And lastly a photo with Ms.Amber Chia in the mother farm before we head to Kamogawa Seaworld. ;)
There's less photo of Kamogawa seaworld as most of the show I recorded in video. Anyway, just tell you I met with white beluga, probably the most huge and cute marine animal I've ever seen in my life! 
White beluga say Hi to you~ Konichiwa....hahaha

Not to forget, the smiling sea lion-top star of Kamogawa seaworld! Cute~!!!

Smiling sealion :)) Thank you for reading my post. 
Next, Show in Tokyo!!!