Jan 10, 2013

New Year 2013

Current fb profile photo which took in 2011..waiting for my 2013 first new profile photo :)

Despite the 1221 date which was predicted to be the end of the world...and some believe while others don't...It's already 2013 now and we all are still alive! Yea I did typed in FB that this might be a small matter and most of us would just laugh at this joke and let it go by wind...however, we should take this fake thing REAL. The world never end so early, but we are still harming it slowly without realizing how important it is to protect our mother earth from being polluted. So, it's just a lil message to start my post, "Our mother nature still paying her hopes and protection to the living creatures in this world, and yes, mankind, it's time to love our earth more like never before..and hope long lives for this wonderful planet :)" 
(*Simplest way: use recycle bags to shop instead of plastic bags/ re-use some materials and DIY new things/ separate kinds of different garbage before throw them away etc. I bet you and I know these but just remind u and I so that it really keep in part of our daily life..ok? PEACE :) )

So..started my late late post about new year..finally I can proceed to this post lol!
Everyone do plan for the countdown this year~ to celebrate our life after the world end haha xD Nice right? 
My countdown party located in friend's house..as last year and last last year teheee~ I really appreciate to have this class of high school friends who like to 'stick together' sometimes..Hope this will stay till we become adult one day..imagine we will chat from homework exam till our career and own family..that would be amazing ;) Aww~ I do hope..
Let me introduce..It's aunchian's house..the 'every-year-organizer-of-annual-countdown-party" haha..Big thank to him for inviting all of us partied in his living area..the THIRD YEAR :)

We had potluck for third year too~ There's when food competition started every year..xD

Photos by me..edited and arranged by Ac...There's even vote happening in fb pics of those food by likesss...
speechless but fun haha...well, I brought two box of Ice-creams there but not in photos..I guarantee that's the best among all..muahahaha~ Who don't like ice-cream? Hehehe..anyway, leave the competition behind. It's good as long as can fill our tummy yum~

See..the happy aunchian fulled his mouth with fooood~ and Chinghui busy snapping photos happily..
I wonder what happened to the other two actually...because the tom yam fish balls finished so soon? Think so...=P

Smiley face pic...haha :) 

Me with Shin Liew~ It's honeydew on her hands..lol~

A Crazy game I must say...they might 'sacrifice their stomach' for it!! Know why?

Cuz of this special 'cocktail drink' lol~ 
Ingredients: curry + tomyam + wedges + orange + 100 plus + root beer + wintermelon + honeydew + Rice! 
Disgusting enough?!
Ganjiong moment for all waiting to see who's the lucky one to win jackpot..xD

Check out the faces of lucky guy~ haha

He said:'' Belief me..seriously it's not that bad~ '' (Erm...yea...hard to imagine =S)
Then our boss tried...

I bet he regret after that one spoon taste....so sorry to take yr photo ac~ But epic face lol!

OMG....sorry to let you readers feel disgusting too =X  Scroll down to leave this ahaha...

Me with Xiaojin...Our Bday girl of the day 31/12...last bday celebration to her in 2012~

Trio: Me, Xiaojin and longtimenosee Jolynn Koh~ ;)

Sweet girlsss..Hwai Teng, Ching Hui, Yuyan, Yuen-Yi and Kee Jin 

Big Kid~ Shin Liew...was playing with incredibly much of bubbles when washed the dishes...lol!

Before he lelf...Daniel Low and Aunchian.

Before she left, Hui Wah and AunChian

She's really hard to meet I guess..so a photo with her is a must! :D

Hui Wah and Shin Liew~

Hui Wah and Xiaojin the Bday girl

and yes of course, a surprise birthday celebration session to Xiao Jin! 

Xiao Jin and Teik Yin the belated bday boy~ 

We felt happy for them...it's already a must for our gang to celeb friend's bday~
Then, the most lovely......Group Photosss Session! 

After the photos we ran out as it's nearly 12am..haha~ yea..rushed out to the hills to enjoy countdown!

Baby you're Fireworks~~ Come on let your colors burst!! XD
We shouted the loudest and were hoping the people way down the hills can hear and celebrate with us!
Love my young teenage crazy moment! 

Yay yay...Happy faces everywhere near me~

That's our view from the hills~ Niceee

Random lights plus fireworks effects~ Can you feel the party spirit? 
Yea, some photos for the nice background...

I were super-duper high that time hehe~

A memorable piece with my sis~ Bestie always and forever! Peace~
Last part was the "Murderer" game session after half-and-hour all sat down aside smsed..facebooking..twittering...instagramming...bla bla~ 

This was the noisiest murderer game ever~ We usually kept quite to check the faces of each others and guess out the murderer...but that day was a failure...even murderer talked non-stop..new technique for 2013? Oh..i see~ xD
Before end...

A pic with the guy who organized this awesome party again....Wait for next year, next next year..every year haha~ Friends never leave :) Thanks again.

Yea...Happy 2013 my friendssss~!
What's your plan for this whole new year? I already receive bunch of assignments instead of bouquet of lavender in my hand...so, let's keep busy and learn...then play hard when the holidays arrive again! 

CHEERS for wonderful 2013,


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