Dec 16, 2012

Final Assessment Sem 2

Holiday started~ But the truth is...I really don't feel like posting my new post...'s gonna be a very long post~ Arghhh! Well, I guess just some highlight...
*Might need yr comments as motivation already..Im like talking to myself all day long ;'(

Okay..where were I stopped?
Let's start with my assessment, the reason for delaying my post post post haha..

1st is the Garments Construction and Fashion Illustration~ Ended quite well..

Lecturer chosen two of my Fashion Illus to showcase in the Gallery~
For the first time my artwork officially enter MIA's gallery..I must say..Im very happy ^^

2nd was a big war~ haha...I didn't do well in the mid-sem presentation..not satisfied with it~
So this time, I tried my best to save my credits mark tehee~ ;)

I had this idea of Christmas decoration when I did my print on the Maroon color there it was~
My classmates said I 'play too huge' LOL~ I got the same feel but that's what in my mind and I just cant ignore xD          
Fashion design and Crocery design~ Above the crocery was my design to Zang Toi's collection

Cushion Cover~~
Lecturer said it got Zang Toi's feel also..

 And last one~ Textile Technology and Batik
My creation~ Tie-dye shirt and scarf
*Open for order now haha

Okay that's all for my be continue on next post ;)
A tired face during assessment....

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