Jan 15, 2012

Pre-CNY n Party

Chinese New Year is no longer far far away from now..
I can tell that already feel the HEAT right now!
Plus, the NEW YEAR shopping day to KL Golden Triangle
totally booth up my CNY mood High UPP~! ^^
Yea, I love the New Year mood~ Who disagree? No right?
*Unless you don't like gather with friends,families n angpaw's la~ =P

So, the KL golden triangle...it's the famous shopping place in Malaysia!
(*Suddenly become a part time tourist..lol!)
Well, I know that some of my readers are not Malaysian...So, yea lets continue~
If you ever want to come to M'sia, you must go to the famous shopping city!
The Pavilian, Times Square, Sungai Wang Plaza, Farenheit 88, and more.
All these shopping plaza all located in the SAME Area! So you can walk across all of them
and grab whatever latest fashion brandy items you can! ^^ Cool isn't it?

Alright, continue mine one now...I went to Pavilian as my 1st choice that day =)
This is just because I wanna see the HUGE dragon myself! Here it is!
So so so huge isn't it? I have never seen such a huge dragon before~
Then, photos time with de dragon ^^

I was not a "MUST brandy items Girl" but guess what? I bought all my new year clothes in Brandy shopsss....lol! Well, it's a big sales right now!
Up to 70% discount! If you not finish your shopping yet, go Pavilian n buy them!
My top suggestion...for girls-- Nichii, Padini Authentics and Cotton On =)
These shops are having a big sales now!

Oh-yea, if you never try the yummy dessert--Snowflakes before...
Try to spot it in Pavilian and eat it! *It some where near the escalator ;)
Believe me, it's really delicious and worth to eat! ^^
-You can find another one at Sungai wang outdoor.

Then, I went to my final walk in Pavilian at the 5th floor i think...
There's a Tokyo Street which you feel exactly like shopping in Japan.
A Doraemon Fair was having promotion at there too!
Photos session with Doraemon, His buddy n his buddy's girlfriend ;)

*Poke Doraemon nose...and magic!!! XD
A door to any destination you wish to go!! ^^

Next, it's my first day of teaching children, also my first day of work!
Nervous but also excited MAX~ Luckily everything went well....I think =)
The little kids I teach was soooo cute~ Except when the time I ask her question
and she just like to guess n guess...Hmm, will see about that~
I mean, you can't just guess right?
That's never solve the question but creates more n more questions in your mind! LOL~

After that, rushed to a friend's Birthday Party~
He was my primary school classmate and I seldom meet him..So I must attend la ^^

Nice food served by the birthday boy's family! Totally delicious~
Then we had a nice chit-chat session there before leaved home.
Happy Birthday again to him and wish him all the best!! =)

Currently busy to think about my future study...Oh my gosh!
Anddddd......18th of Jan's plan? ;P

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