May 18, 2013


Happy Sunday people~! I wonder why its been few days the weather just super HOT! I can't agree more to take ice-cream as my favorite these days due to our Malaysia's weather..Huhu~ 
If you are planning to have some freezzzy dessert too, OMG! (Oh My Gas!) dessert store will be a perfect choice for now! I dropped by to get the ice-cream on yesterday however its so crowded cuz weekend. 
Even a passenger came asking me is the store having sale? Cuz she never saw such long queue before as she work there. 
(*Tips 1: Avoid going on weekend or ready for a patient stand-n-wait moment.)

So what so special about this dessert? I believe not only me but all the others went because of one video posted in facebook:

I realized that most of the people faced some difficulty during order at the counter cuz still not familiar with the steps to customize their dessert flavor. 
Yes! It's totally custom made for you right at that time. Here are the steps boards. 
(*Tips 2: Perhaps choose your one-of-a-kind mixed dessert earlier? ;) )
Cutie Cup=small size/Sexy Cup=big size 

Click on the photos for a larger and clearer view :)
If you still can't decide which mixer is the best..
no worry, you can try on the "chef-made" flavor too! 
Here come the prosess of making...after order the worker stick the details of your choice on a bowl then mix with the ingredients..bring to the blender and add in nitrogen..
The awesome moment definitely is when the gas grow like magic!

Jjang~! See the gas grow like dreamy feel haha! :POkay...after the long wait finally is my turn...My choice: step 1:ice-cream base, step 2: coffee java chips, step 3: almond slices topping.(Cutie a.k.a small size) Done! 

OoH my...taste like...Baskin robins? Oppss haha! Try it yourself maybe? ;D

    Name: OMG ! Ooh My Gas Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
    Location: No. 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
                     Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 
                     55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  (Level 1..behind escalator)

Have a Freezzy Cool Sunday~! :)