May 17, 2013

New Challenge 15&16

Annyeonghaseyo~ Hello there, first thing..finally TVXQ is here in M'sia KLIA! Welcome welcome!!

Back to my life..continue with one month holiday post..had two hectic days joining mv shooting invited by friend, it's a chance I cherish to join in different field, try some new things, and most important learn a lot from the professional mass communication students.

I had been through shooting for photos, modelling, singing, drawing, mv blablabla...but never ever in acting!
Not even a small drama perform in my primary or secondary..oh wait, yes in kindergarten but I could just remember I act as a frog mother (Ikr its funny..but awesome childhood memory tehee!)..still keeping that small lil cute green outfits in my wardrobe..haha! So, i don't think I can recall back any scene of it now..sadly TT So, I take this time as a new challenge for me..after I missed out so many times of stage acting performance.

After I get the script which was a bit out of my expectation...I just thinking of, there's people who giving their trust on me..count on me for their succeed and giving me this opportunity.
From that moment, I kept on reminding myself, I must must must! give out all I can to act..not to fail.
Therefore, I finished it after yesterday..hoping that they achieve succeed soon, and I will be part of it :)

Okay..I don't think I could officially post all the photos now..just some shoot from my camera kay?

                                                 Took during rest time... Cheezzzyyyy!
The "Kill Green" group photo session~ finally not so alone in camera :P

The Gwiyomi started..1+1=?

3+3= Gwiyomi or 6?

Last mcm a superstar XD Thanks thanks thanks to all of you, you guys rock!

Will try to updates full making photos if its official :) Nights

Always keep the faith..TVXQ+JYJ.
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