Jan 31, 2012

CNY Days

yea..That was my Chinese New Year....
Outing like every day, dress-up New OUTFITS evey day! AWESOME~!^^

My outfits for this year...a must have- RED, Golden Choc which match my horoscope...
Black--My all time favorite...& BLUE~ Which I dunno why suddenly heart it so much XD



Hearts the latest Nescafe bottle!
& Jae's Birthday on 26th of January~ Saeungichukae! <3 ^^

That's the hottest day in CNY~ Because I went to the temple..
walking on a high bridge without fear....Before I looked down ,LOL!
Ate dinner n shopping in LM...

Chocolate Day~? ;)
It's a movie day~~ Watching Journey 2! WeeE~

And yes~ The big Visitation Day!!! ^^
Visited total of 15 friends houses in a DAY! Tired enough but Happy!
Had a great dinner together too~ Friends Rock!

See the boys.....XD
others are the photos which memorable...Pizza from Pn.Lee,
Ready the cake! And "Yam Sheng~~~!!!" Time!

Guess what?! They all actually planned a birthday surprise for ME!
Oh my..I cant tell how happy I was...*Cuz I'm actually tired MAX ..TT
But really appreciate this! Thanks guys~ That's so sweet of you all!
They even got wet in the rainy day just to buy me this cute round cake!

I had a NICE CNY EVER in 2012!!

How your's CNY going?
I would love to received yr comments...Do tell me bout your CNY~ ;)


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