Mar 17, 2014

So called Readers Digest.

Hi peeps, as usual I came back after months.
I was gonna jump through all the interesting events happened in these two months and update the latest me..
but guess what? My mom stopped me and said that I shall update from where I stopped my story.
Argh that would be so so long post man! Hmm..Okay la, to not jump too much from the last page,
Let me update you guys the photos for events after last post---My birthday on 18.01!
I NAU, it's been two months.
NAU, start!

-Chinese New Year 2014
A big group of house hopping like last two years but this time 17 locations a day! SMKTC world record lol! Plus, a lil farewell to our dear friend, Aunchian to Aus soon before the great day end.

- Friends from oversea, Pascale & Taisuke
A two days trip to KL city and Malacca the heritage land. Never been that awesome to have two friends met from Sakura Collection in Tokyo last year! Hope to see them again~ :)

-Aunchian bounds to Australia night at the KLIA
That night, we rent a van like never before, arrived and say goodbye to our dearest friend like no one else business, lastly to end up our KLIA trip to see the beautiful night view of Putrajaya like we are tourists. X)

-The latest competition I won, Anakku Batik Competition.
Featuring me and others in Berita Harian & Utusan Malaysia. My 1st Baby batik clothing designs that won out of expectation. Now I have a mini-tiny ipod shuffle in my hand to rock it all the time! Wohoo!

-Miyavi "Slap the World Tour 2014" Concert at Mega Star Arena invited by Ms.Yuri 
The night I fall in love with this hot japanese guitar samurai artist and rock'in with Jrock fans plus my primary friend, Dustin. A worthy night with great people, and yup thanks Yuri for all of it!

-The semester 5 Final Assessment with too little time, again.
Bridal wear which designed and made by me, tiring textile prints and the ugly batik. :X 
Okay just to show this bridal wear...others i will keep till semester 6 to post. :P

-Birthdayyyyy celebrationsss with best friendsss in town.
Shin Liew Bday where we went round n round to find the Acme Bar and Coffee...
Chinghui Bday where we met too much troubles...But all end up good as we are all together! ;)

Okay that's all for the Digest session. Next post, Malacca dessertsss.