Nov 1, 2013

10 days Trip to Japan vol:3 奈良市

Hi DEER readers, sorry for the late vol:3 post of my trip in Japan, was busy around with new assignments after the campus reopen. So, this post will be continue in Nara city, also known as 奈良市(Nara-shi). So, what's so special in here? Nara city was well-known because you can see a lots of deer in here! And yes I mean anywhere in Nara~ How lovely! 

We had started our trip by visiting the Deer's Farm. Had a lil walk into the farm and waiting the administrator to call and gather the deer nearby. It's simply amazing when we saw lots of deer lining up and walk through here. Such a nice natural scenery.

All gathered for having their breakfast around us.If you're curious why some deer with antlers some don't, it's actually is the way to differentiate male and female."Male deer with antlers while female deer don't" :)
 For some male deer which often attack people or other deer, the farmers will remove the antlers during some special event.
Thanks for being such a nice model in the photos deer. Great that they actually live in the open area which they can move to everywhere around Nara freely. But at the same time, people who live there need extra care too so that they won't get harmed. Appreciate the love and care from them to these deer lots!

After that, we had lunch in a western restaurant which served us delicious spaghetti. I never expect that I could have such tasty spaghetti in Japan seriously, it's one of the best I tried I swear! Therefore, a wonderful lunch before we head to Yakushiji Temple(藥師寺).

Trevi Fountain in front of the temple.

The Yakushiji Temple area is quite big and separated to few buildings. When we went there one of the twins temple in maintenance and we got to see the top of the building which had brought down in near distance. 
One side of the twins, the other was fully covered and in maintenance progress.

Hello from Japan ^^

The print from a carved stone. It's believed that the stone had the signature from the Buddha's feet.
Unique print isn't it?
Another temple in the Yakushiji, it's all made by wood only, I personally love it lots! 
Overwhelming traditional heritage ! :)
We were here! With Truc Diem and Newwy.

Next, we went to street market to see how Japanese make traditional rice cake which famous in Nara.
Newwy the cool girl! Haha like this shot so much!

The famous Rice cake shop 中古堂, and the master is in the shop demo-ing the making of rice cake to us. They need force to ham the rice cake in the wood cask. I guess this is the process why the rice cake come out extremely soft! 

This macha red bean rice cake really not same with the mochi we had in Malaysia even though it looks same. Its bigger, softer and yet still warm in my hand! I still miss it now! And there's another food that I miss too, Macha ice-cream! Call me Macha-maniac lol! Such a paradise for macha lover like me! haha.
Happpiiieeeeeeeee Kidsss in Nara city :))))
Had a walk around nearby after nice food..

A shop in 2nd floor selling Ninja shoes which had become a hit item in Japan lately.
可愛い~ (^U^=)
                    Beautiful lake scenery view~ It's sunset time.

A simple view in Japan can inspired me a lot. These sightseeing worth lots for me and learn so much!

                          This is a mini motel which welcoming tourists from all other countries. Lovely design!
                            Another Japanese traditional motel nearby, with dining room and garden etc.

Traditional dining room

A photo in the Japanese motel room. ありがとう! ^^ With Vietnam and Thai team.

Well its about sunset time, we had rushed to the mountain in Nara for a nice sunset moment.

すごい (Awesome) Scenery~ Can you see the whole Nara city now? Hahaha

                                   The deer joined for the sunset moment~ Awwww~

                                                                    Jump higher and higher!
Lots of fun took photos with her...Newwy :))

 That's all for Nara-shi, ending the awesome day in great dinner.

I actually hope to write Nara and Chiba trip in one post...But Nara post ended up so long haha ^^''
So....Next is Chiba 千葉-to be continue.....