Aug 2, 2012

Shot for Jasmine Magazine

Latest Profile pic for Facebook..Imma Pirates..Wohoo~
Due to some publish right issue..I had been waiting a long time to write this post...Its happened 2 months ago, so let me recall back as much as I can about that day, shoot for Jasmine Magazine on behalf of the Kenanga Wholesale City(KWC) Fashionista Style Search Top 3 winners.

After being announced as the 3rd prize winner, I also been told that have to shoot for Jasmine Magazine on 31st of May. It's the same day as my mom's bday! Such coincident..

Reached early on photo shooting day..and got impressed with the lil studio full of cartoon models like Barbie!! and Star Wars characters, Lord of the Ring..Marvels...OMG! Its like a cartoon world instead of studio...Lol! *Ignored me..cuz I gone crazy when saw some limited barbie collection there! =X

Make up by Zoeys Chen and Hair style by her too..she's so professional..matching the hairstyle which suits my wow! And nice make up of the day! Thanks thanks Zoeys ;)
Kept Changing looks...^^V
Then, after Vizya and Rachel done with their's my turn~
started with a marine sweet look..
Fav hairclothes which really got "Feel" haha XD
DONE! < ^^ >
2nd look of the day...
3rd one...
Casual yet Chic looks =)
and....4th...Like the hairstyle so much!
The big bag with retro prints is LOVE!
Here come the last one.....My FAV too!
LikeaPirates...with cute hairstyle XD
Weee.....huge relief after half an hour thinking about what pose should I do front of the camera!
Checked photos infront of computer...
Finally end the shooting day with JOY!

Thanks to the facilities and publisher and and fashion editor and and and the photographer..=)
Thanks again to Zoeys! =^^=

And sweet Rachelle, senior fashion editor of Jasmine! =)
 Here come the Final Results~ Tadaa...Officially released- Jasmine 茉莉 Magazine-August Issue!
My pages in pg52/53 ;)

Grab one now in bookstore..and learn to dress up like a fashionista! =)

Till next, wish me luck in final assessment for 1st sem~