Sep 3, 2012

020912: Thai Up! Time ;)

Went to the "Thai Up!" restaurant located in The Mines which obviously serve Thailand's food.
(*ps: Walked in purely bcuz of the unique design of restaurant =P)
How could I miss out photo session in this beautiful place~ Tehee ;)
Big mirror which always make the space look bigger~even simple light bulbs look so unique..X)
I was sitting at the end of the restaurant..with a higher wooden floor..#Likeastage LOL!

The food is the main thing I want to write about...It's way much cheaper than I thought!!
Ordered a couple set which cost only RM27.40 include tax...for not a couple but family relationship xD

And the couple set enough for two person exactly~ Fish in sweet n sour

Tong Yam seafood soup which is a must try for Tong yam lovers~
(*Exclude me...Can't tahan tong yam for real..=X)
And this is yummy~ Pandan Chicken! <3 chicken="chicken" fried="fried" in="in" leaves="leaves" pandan="pandan" wrapped="wrapped">

From my seats view

Hehe..suddenly have mood to act cool ...XD
Failed "Chok" expression
Oh ya..there's a tree table cute right? and the facilities reminded me of Coffee Prince's characters for no reason..=P

Another "must take pic" spot...The Thai Motorcycle~
Photo talks session till here~ 
Well I would definitely visit to "Thai Up!" again as it is not so expensive plus more nice food waiting me to explore lols~ Remember to try it next time when you shop in The Mines Shopping Complex ;)

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