Aug 16, 2012

Final Assessment

Early Christmas Fu~~

Time flies....and I still can't believe that my 1st semester officially over! Lol..
Final assessment already pass..spending time like never before in pass few months..
Really not used to it......
It's just yesterday...but I started to miss those day staying in 1 Blue..The craziest class in foundation..
The most passionate K-pop mad gang...Rajin till dun wanna sleep gang...and more..
Even though its not graduate..but we all separate in different department..concentrate on our major course..
Hard to be together like before....*Okay cheer up..;) They still all in MIA after all =)
Just need longer time walking block to block, stairs to stairs to meet the buddies..haha

Okay..last assessment...for this 1st semester
My Painting corner =)
All of us did a good job..finish work in time..Tehee ;)

Oh-ya, its Drawing assessment for Orange class..and someone draw me in his drawing...Appreciate =)

Next day, Drawing assessment!
Coloured pieces on board were chosen by lecturer =)

Meet my class lecturer--Mr Chin! Friendly and professional lecturer!! =)

And this is yesterday~ BLUE Class Shirt Rocks!

Blue Ocean in MIA's "Canteen" XD

Here's my corner of the day..=) A&D+3D

Oh..."Boo" face I have >o<
Memorable Class Photo!!

Hehe..Like this <3 br="br">
Short post coz its kinda late now...and I wanna update my blog so....Tats all..=)
All the best to April 2012 Foundation Intake Students!
Same batch, same dream!