Apr 9, 2012

MidValley, Milwaukee, Rooftop Prince, BigBang,CNBlue n Ailee

 New shirt from Jusco...or should I say, AEON~!!
If you're a member of jusco, you probably noticed about this, jusco supermarket had officially changed to AEON! That means no more "Let's go shopping at Jusco!" but "AEON"~ Hmm..I personally like the old name really much~ Will miss Jusco for sure..eventhough they had not much changes..><

So, this post is about hanging out with my high school friends...For the last time i think, before I start my college life...Very SOON!!
It's a date with Yen Tcy after received a sms from her~ Met up at ac house, drive to fetch Bshin n Kk..
Headed to our destination in time--MidValley Megamall! *Been there quite a lot recently..lol~

We decided to had lunch at
The Italiannies..cause by the yummy smell when we passed by the restaurant.=P

Since there's only three girls who were hungry, we shared a big pan of Italiannies Special pizza...
Hmm..about this, I like the prawns lot..but the pizza was not so special and a lil bit too hard..Mayb I should try their pasta next time...if gt next time ;)

Playing Camera with YenTCY~ XD

And finally before leaving...Gong cha in hand- Group Photo..XD
Yen also introduce her Kuantan's friend for us to know...We kept on saying he looked like one of our classmate.Lol... Hope they two can meet up someday...
Next, went to Bidor and Perak for 清明...Took photos and singing non-stop for 4 hours in the car...
There's nothing to do except that la..but my dad said I nearly crazy for what I did...Yea, think back that 4 hours I was like a radio which cannot be unplugged...Hahaha~

Nice view there isn't it~? 

Oh yea, I stopped by the Pin Chun Chicken Biscuits Restaurant to buy this!
The famous Herb Duck Noodle~ Waiting in the rain was totally worth it!! Taste so delicious~ ;)
Brought back some Chicken Little biscuits too...鸡仔饼haha..
Received sms from Bshin to have dinner with Pn.Lee our class teacher at a western steak house at night...
Back home at 5.30pm and meet at Kk house at 7pm...Pheww~ quite rush ><
After asked Bshin only noticed we will go to the "only" western restaurant in Balakong--Milwaukee~
Use to go there last time...back to the old steak house~ Not much changes ^^/

Chit-chat a lot with our long-time-no-see teacher~ Like having a mini class gathering at there~
And after almost all people were gone...We had a photo session again~ XD

Bshin,Pn.Lee, Kelly Kua

Pn.Lee and me~

And group photo!Like the light effects huh?? haha...
Hope we all 5S1 can gather again next time..even though it would be harder than before~
Best friends should keep in touch right?? Let's have a one year once anniversary gathering MayB??

Last, if you woke up in the morning and found a gift to you...Which that's not your birthday....
Like me~ What a nice day, nice morning start with a nice gift from my nice couzs~?

Awwwww~~~ A gift from Korea.

With this all...Hehe, JYJ <3!!!

Thanks a lot ya Chin Lay and Little Red~ ;) Appreciate much!!

Latest BEST korean drama Strongly recommend by me...--RoofTop Prince 屋塔房王世子!!
Actor: Micky Park YuChun as a prince came to 21 century from 300 years ago! It's funny 100% Max!!
So, if you have time...It's a must watch drama which can brighten up your day~!! Welcome to leave me comments on the drama storyline too!! I would definitely answer you with passion XD

What I found on Facebook recently? This...Rooftop prince game!!! Click to play ;)

Soooooo adorable my gosh!!

Last one, the latest Bigbang Fantastic Baby stage...With "Cute" image..I think ....

Why I said it's cute?? They actually reminded me of this.....

 Sorry if you think they are just Cool not cute...But
This really look alike....=P
If you are V.I.P, I dunno whether you watched this vid or not...It's a funny trip vid from Bigbang in 2010.

As their manager said, BigBang only look like BigBang on stage...Erm.....XD
Well, long video...enjoy ;)

Other than Bigbang album...Currently have another new album released from CNBlue...EarFun!
 Love their style for this picture~ Sunny Cool Boys?? Haha

My favorite song in this album...Still in Love~

This nice too! Hey you...All from CNBlue..Hope I can listen to them Live one day~ \^^/

Waaaa, sooo many nice songs to introduce!!! Okay, this should be the last one...
Patiently wait for Ailee to perform--Spring Rain...Powerful vocal! Bravo~~~(*Clapping)

Enjoy all the video if can...haha..Nice relaxing Monday without work or assignment or class for me..
Bet that this kind of life would be changed really soon~ Haha..Work hard, play hard and Learn Life!!
Yea, learn to enjoy our life no matter what happen! Fighting Monday!! ;)


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