Jan 31, 2012

CNY Days

yea..That was my Chinese New Year....
Outing like every day, dress-up New OUTFITS evey day! AWESOME~!^^

My outfits for this year...a must have- RED, Golden Choc which match my horoscope...
Black--My all time favorite...& BLUE~ Which I dunno why suddenly heart it so much XD



Hearts the latest Nescafe bottle!
& Jae's Birthday on 26th of January~ Saeungichukae! <3 ^^

That's the hottest day in CNY~ Because I went to the temple..
walking on a high bridge without fear....Before I looked down ,LOL!
Ate dinner n shopping in LM...

Chocolate Day~? ;)
It's a movie day~~ Watching Journey 2! WeeE~

And yes~ The big Visitation Day!!! ^^
Visited total of 15 friends houses in a DAY! Tired enough but Happy!
Had a great dinner together too~ Friends Rock!

See the boys.....XD
others are the photos which memorable...Pizza from Pn.Lee,
Ready the cake! And "Yam Sheng~~~!!!" Time!

Guess what?! They all actually planned a birthday surprise for ME!
Oh my..I cant tell how happy I was...*Cuz I'm actually tired MAX ..TT
But really appreciate this! Thanks guys~ That's so sweet of you all!
They even got wet in the rainy day just to buy me this cute round cake!

I had a NICE CNY EVER in 2012!!

How your's CNY going?
I would love to received yr comments...Do tell me bout your CNY~ ;)


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Jan 21, 2012


请按来观赏--绝对诚意制作 XD

小时候的我, 唱着新年歌,和你拜早年了!

新年快乐~Happy CNY!!

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Jan 19, 2012


Haha..kinda short for the last post I wrote at here right?
(*Are you kidding? It was like three to four words!! =X)
Okay...So sorry for posted a short one la..Now I will complete that post~

It was my Big Day on 18th of January!!
I was hoping to spend my day with my classmate which I had never meet them a while~
However, my friends told me most of them will be busy!
Guess I have to spend my day with family ;(

Luckily, I meet one of my old friends in Facebook...
So, I plan to meet him during that day~
Well, I still remember him at about 14years old...
Can't really sure it was him when I first saw him..LOL!
We had lunch at Secret Recipe n had chit-chat there.
*This made me remember of my 17th Birthday...also in Secret Recipe!!
Awww~ Kinda miss that day...which everyone came ;)
Then, we took a pic to keep as memory ^^
Hope can meet him and more of my primary school friends in the future~
Good luck to them too in this whole new year!

I spend 2 hours of my big day just to sleep after that...
But unfortunately I can't due to the stupid headache n lil fever!!!
Urghh...I was so fed-up until got up bed to do nothing...
I was so so so failed to have a nap! ><

Night, my lil bro asked me whether I have any plan n ans no~
So, he drove me to dinner at LM...He was quite emo with some issue he's facing I guess...
But I think time can make him feel better~ =)
Then before we ended the dinner, he actually sang a birthday song for me..
LOL! With no cake? XD But it was really touching, Thanks bro!
As I said, you are a good person! So all the best to you!

After that, my mom bought me a birthday cake from Baskin Robin 31!
It was my first time to have this cake as every year I only bought Secret Recipe's one..XD
Well, it cost RM58.90 for the smallest size! Hmm...kinda expensive~
But the taste was awesome!!!! I bought the mint flavour~ It looks like choc from outside right?
Haha...If you never eat BR's cake,you should try to have one ^^

And yea, photos....photos...for the 18th me~! ^^

Happy Birthday to LavenderLim aka myself!
You should try your best, work your best n design your best LIFE!
Jiayou jiayou ganbatte hwaiting!! For my coming future~!
All the best to my friends who started their college life too!

Cheers for Life,
Cheers for my 18th,

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Jan 17, 2012




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Jan 15, 2012

Pre-CNY n Party

Chinese New Year is no longer far far away from now..
I can tell that already feel the HEAT right now!
Plus, the NEW YEAR shopping day to KL Golden Triangle
totally booth up my CNY mood High UPP~! ^^
Yea, I love the New Year mood~ Who disagree? No right?
*Unless you don't like gather with friends,families n angpaw's la~ =P

So, the KL golden triangle...it's the famous shopping place in Malaysia!
(*Suddenly become a part time tourist..lol!)
Well, I know that some of my readers are not Malaysian...So, yea lets continue~
If you ever want to come to M'sia, you must go to the famous shopping city!
The Pavilian, Times Square, Sungai Wang Plaza, Farenheit 88, and more.
All these shopping plaza all located in the SAME Area! So you can walk across all of them
and grab whatever latest fashion brandy items you can! ^^ Cool isn't it?

Alright, continue mine one now...I went to Pavilian as my 1st choice that day =)
This is just because I wanna see the HUGE dragon myself! Here it is!
So so so huge isn't it? I have never seen such a huge dragon before~
Then, photos time with de dragon ^^

I was not a "MUST brandy items Girl" but guess what? I bought all my new year clothes in Brandy shopsss....lol! Well, it's a big sales right now!
Up to 70% discount! If you not finish your shopping yet, go Pavilian n buy them!
My top suggestion...for girls-- Nichii, Padini Authentics and Cotton On =)
These shops are having a big sales now!

Oh-yea, if you never try the yummy dessert--Snowflakes before...
Try to spot it in Pavilian and eat it! *It some where near the escalator ;)
Believe me, it's really delicious and worth to eat! ^^
-You can find another one at Sungai wang outdoor.

Then, I went to my final walk in Pavilian at the 5th floor i think...
There's a Tokyo Street which you feel exactly like shopping in Japan.
A Doraemon Fair was having promotion at there too!
Photos session with Doraemon, His buddy n his buddy's girlfriend ;)

*Poke Doraemon nose...and magic!!! XD
A door to any destination you wish to go!! ^^

Next, it's my first day of teaching children, also my first day of work!
Nervous but also excited MAX~ Luckily everything went well....I think =)
The little kids I teach was soooo cute~ Except when the time I ask her question
and she just like to guess n guess...Hmm, will see about that~
I mean, you can't just guess right?
That's never solve the question but creates more n more questions in your mind! LOL~

After that, rushed to a friend's Birthday Party~
He was my primary school classmate and I seldom meet him..So I must attend la ^^

Nice food served by the birthday boy's family! Totally delicious~
Then we had a nice chit-chat session there before leaved home.
Happy Birthday again to him and wish him all the best!! =)

Currently busy to think about my future study...Oh my gosh!
Anddddd......18th of Jan's plan? ;P

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Jan 7, 2012

Genting Trip

Hey there...I believe many of my friends already back to school now..
Guess what, I missed the school reopen day because...I was at Genting Highlands! ;P
Yea, no more high school reopen day for me..
No more worries abt homework, haircut or fingernails cut..But I missed those days now(*Sobs)
The cruelest thing is...time never goes back no matter how much I hope it would be..
So, I just have to face to my college life and prays luck to all my juniors
who gonna sit for their SPM this year. Good Luck & START WORKING NOW!

Before the college life, it would definitely be my FUN life! TEHEE~
Went to 3 days 2 nights of Genting Trip with friends..Awesome Cool n Cold Trip EVER!
First time reenter the latest Pudu Bus Station which is sooo much better now
compared to last time...(With clean white floor, Air-condition, neatly arranged stores and depart station..The depart station was my favorite, cuz we can sat on the nice waiting lobby to wait.
Then, we also got to start our journey right on time! No delay= Yays~ ^^

Reached First World with Skyway's Cable car..Nice view as always~ Tropical Forest is <3

Checked in and Free&Easy...To the boys, F&E time means Sleep time =="
I just can't did the same because We're at Genting La~~
Don't just waste the beautiful time, view and weather just like that...
emo in the hotel room? No way!
So, the wonder girls- me and Bshin went to the photo booth store which we spotted when arrived...all the ways to our destination~ Took the coolest group of photos, with coolest price~
LOL! Yea, I mean the most expensive one~ But I like the results! See~

Pinky, Bling and Shiny~
Girls LOVE! ;)

Night's Genting was sooooo Cold n Nice! Hyper me \^^/

Dinner at MaryBrown..
Met up with others friends~

Second Day was a PLAY day! Rushed in the morning with Cup noodles...
Then straight to the theme park...The counter was not open yet! How early we were? XD
Started our games with Pirates Ship...No queue at all! The whole park was just us!

Well, after some games like Haunted house, Spinning Chair..
The theme park began to become crowded...

Played Flying Coaster for the 1st time~ They did twice~ Well, felt like super-women but bangs my head left n right through the whole "Flying journey" Fml~ Nice try though..

I just can't made to the space-shot!!! Don't know why my friends can ride that thing without fear?! Scary la oK? Even I looked from the ground I can felt the Aura of Horror!
>< Big No No for me~Bravo to my friends =P

Had a nice 4D movie before and after dinner~ Like the one at night, diff movie =)
I got G6 Feel with this pair of glasses~ Far East Movement? XP

Dinner at 2-in-1 BBQ Steamboat Restaurant...We ate as long as 3 hours non-stop!
Because of the board said-Eat Whatever U can? O.O" Quite hilarious dinner~
Popped out a bunch of nicknames to Bu...and checking who ate the most etc.
Just for info, the price is RM29.90++ per person...after tax we paid RM34.70 per person.
But It would definitely a good choice if u can eat much! ^^

Chating, Playing truth or dare in the room until 12am..
Then, me and others came out with this nice idea- Walk to Starbucks!
I didn't mean the Far one...as our hotel lobby had one...
But ended up we walked "N" miles away from our hotel~ OutDOOR!
I think it was 10 degree celcius there! & I just wore my CUTE pyjamas without a jacket!
Cold~~~~~~~~~~to starbucks! Well, planned to enjoy a nice cup of Frappuccino there,
But the reality made me no choice...So, signatured hot chocolate for "Baby" me...
Wish to get a good nice sleep with that drink =)

We chat n stalking ppl's FB pages like no reason till 3am..Yes, Starbucks close at 3am...
Girls then slept at 3.30am, but boys till 5am!! Playing cards....zzZ

3rd days, packed all our thing..and had a great nice breakfast at Marry Brown again~
Times Flies.....;( We were having the same feelings that It was like minutes ago we depart from the bus..Now we're heading to bus! *Sobsss~

Yes, our great journey ended here...But It was a nice and memorable one!
Wish all my friends whose fly to their dreams..May you succeed in the future!
Then, We might meet again someday, have a nice trip again like this ONE!

*We were so close together after the trip..Even met up again after back to KL that night...
Tutti-Frutti Chat~ ^^

Start our own journey with courage!
*Love Life ;)

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