Jul 24, 2013

Golden Pavilion

Yes, it's all about Golden Pavilion for this post. If you don't know about what the title mean, it's actually a gorgeous building in Kyoto Japan, also named Kinkuji Temple. Why I used 'Gorgeous' for a beautiful building? This is because when I first saw this architecture it totally amazed me with the elegant and beauty of it's golden color and surrounding scenery, like a royal princess lives in a secret garden perhaps.
Here you go, the photo of Golden Pavilion.

And it's all my inspiration to create two designs..for Sakura Collection Students Award 2013! :)

Gonna go through the process of this competition over again, ready? set, GO! haha\
Step 1: I sent my designs with inspiration board above to their email..and wait for announce of top 10..

Step 2: I luckily got reply mail from the organizer and confirmed that I got into the final! I were so happy that time, yup and still remember! Inside the letter stated I have to post two designs to their mail 1 week b4 the final on 21st July.

Step 3: Starting my garments paper pattern think and think again...do samples, and shop shop shop for fabrics...materialss...etc. After that, work all day and night to done my designs asap. Yea, not much time left! Oh ya, I were able to meet with two of my models: Kay and Rebecca as they are same campus with me. I were feeling fortunate few times as I did a right choice on my models for me easy to do fitting! :)

Step 4: Okay this is something extra...I were doing all my designs and sent on time. After that left one week to 21st July. So, what I were doing in that week? It's a tough week for me. Besides doing some repairing and finishing of garments, I just started to work for my VIP n  VTTTF assignments, yes VIP and VTTTF?=very important project; very-take-time-to-finish lol! Batik and printing!! I were totally depressed when I faced difficulties in printing because the silkscreen with photoemulsion didn't turn out well. I failed 2 times and thinking of third time is the totally "Gan jiong" one..if fail too, it would bcome mission impossible for me to hand in my design during assessment which is next day after the competition! However, I met with many seniors who kindly helped me a lot! A LOT! I FELT TRULY APPRECIATE WHEN EVERYTIME I HAVE TO DO AGAIN THERE'S A KIND SENIOR APPEAR TO HELP ME! Thank you you and you so much! And yeah! I succeed the third time! :DD

Step 5: Do some test on hair and make up at home before the actual day. My very lovely, helpful, super women mommy helped me to be the stylist-of-the-day again during that day. I don't know how others see, but to me her style making is perfect! She's the person I need to thank most because not only helped me whole day from 8.30am to after competition, and accompany me, give comments during the whole process while I making the garments every night till 2am. THANK YOU MOMMY :D

Step 6: 21st July 2013, to Pavilion KL 7th Floor Platinum Hall for rehearsal, and preparation. When till the event started, I were being told by my dear models that I actually in a blank and "Look-so-stressful" situation backstage. While I actually thinking about what should I present in front of all professional judges later :P
Luckily I managed to recall back what I wrote in inspiration board and speak fluently in front of them. Pheww... And yea, walked runway with my models, having photos here and there, thanks to my models who are really tired after the show all day long!

Step 7: The announcement of result is the highlights for sure! There were so many awards before the winner..and I hardly could heard named being called and what awards they were giving..that made me even more nervous k? :X But when the last name call, I heard my name! I were in cloud 9 and felt happy like never before!! Walked to stage and received prize with glad, and heard the judge saying that he gave the highest marks to me mean a lot to me! It's 2nd time that my designs are officially being amazed by people and they assure me my choice to make this move! All I could say is thanks to every single one who helped me, advise me, vote for me, and myself who dedicated to sleep less haha! Lovessss XOXO

Yea, that's would be an end for my post so far, thanks again for my models who wore my designs with confident and enhance my designs to live! Love you two pretties so much! :D

Not an end to Japan trip! Feeling excited more and more each day oh-ow... =P
本当にありがとう (Aligato gozaimaz) for reading this long post. Thank you.


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Jul 19, 2013

Sakura Collection Students Award'13

Yolo people~ I am currently enter the top 10 finalist of Sakura Collection Students Award 2013.
Its a designer competition which theme is Japan, and for my design is inspired by Golden Pavilion
a gorgeous building in Kyoto, Japan. 
Kindly click on this link and hit like button below that page to vote for my designs yea..Lots of love, Lavender Lim Jia Hui.

Vote for me pls~ Golden Pavilion
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The finale will hold in Pavilion KL, 6th Floor Tokyo Street at 1pm, 21st July this Sunday!!
You are most welcome to view the great event yea. ;)

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