Oct 4, 2012

A post as short as cup of coffee time ;)

Oh my gosh...how long I've left my dear bloggie alone?
My readers, pls kindly b patient and forgive me for late late post =X

Started my semester two major in fashion and textile for a month plus...
life become pretty hectic with assignments which came silently to my hand...
(* All my classmate agree of that description cuz we never know how much assignments we need to finish till almost last week..lol!)
Well, it's a challenge though~ So I would continue my assignment and be ready for the coming assessment!
Let's hope that I can make some time to blog about new interesting life again soon.. :D

And the latest highlight: I'm posting this short short post with my new new laptop~ Will post abt it too..
Let's guess what brand and color I've choose would u? *Who guess right earn nothing from the blogger :P

Okay, seriously no much time for chit-chating with u through blog~
Till then, kindly wait for my proper post next time..Thx ;)


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