Jun 24, 2012


Finally get to update my bloggie..Well its been a long time since last post..just because I like that event so much..LOL! Yea, it's a not easy opportunity for me to participate in that Fashionista Competition..
So, hope you enjoy this new post as last one..=)

But first, let me update some new photos from Jazzy Group..Its some old posted photos but I used quite a time to figure out where they uploaded them..(*Blurred) Luckily I did found out these memorable pieces..aww~ Like till the Max! I was so damn lucky to meet them yet so so lucky to take photos with them..The new talented korean Hip Hop group- Block B!!
The event had passed..but I hope my luck and opportunity can happen again in my life! Meeting them or more artists, joining more events and contest which really make me grow, learn a lot and have a different wonderful life!

Okay, back to latest me..I planned to dye my hair since the semester break start~ Not to mention its my beloved 1st campus semester in life..Its cover up with assignments only! Arghhhh~~ but no matter how less my time is..Ugly hair roots must settle cuz I'm so in Fashion! Can't really enjoy life with curl,messy,half gold half black hair..=X
1st idea was getting a purple highlight...then think about whole purple hair..

 lastly I saw these photos...
Thunder from MBLAQ (Thx Anonymous for correcting me)



And whoa~ Tiffany!! Isn't her hair looks gorgeous?
So...I decided to have this color! Reddish-purple~ with highlight on top and straighten half ..
The process...some kinda....creepy? Haha

And here it is!!!! Soooo RED indeed ^^
 Hehe..I personally feel so into this color~ Like! Hmm..what do you think?
*Recently some of my friends all had their new hair color too? Is it hair dye season?
Haha..well its always is =)

New hair color, new style, new start after back from sem break~ Back to campus tomorrow!
Say bye-bye to cloudy days! Hallo...homeworks again =P



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Jun 3, 2012


It was such a great memorable day on 26th May 2012, the Grand Opening of KWC.
I joined a competition named Fashionista Contest organized by the KWC since April and made it to the final which I was able to walk on the runway during their Grand Opening Event!
From the photo shoot for my dress-up to take part, till the phone call I got from the organizer, then the meeting and clothes preparing day...Quite long journey to this important day, the Grand Final!

For the finalist who made it to Top 8, I've to arrive at KWC early in the morning just to prepare the whole run down of the event~ Early photo of KWC 15 Floor..As you can see,there's rarely few peoples in the hall.
Well, after all the finalist arrived, we had a brief and plenty of time to prepare ourselves. Oh-ya, time for photos within the contestants too~ As a memory ahaha..;)
From the left: Doria Jolly. Me. Vidya
From the left: Amelia Justina, helper, me, helper, Shannon Keng, Yee Yan.
Alright, the other highlights exclude something related to me..definitely will be Block-B!!
Heard that they will actually be the guest performing that day but that moment I still not well-know about them. But after that, I actually felt impressed for this talented Hip-Hop Korean Boy Group.
There they were~ Came from the back entrance..I was just beside them...How can I not to snap some photos of them? The crowd went crazy over them!! Such a big contrast compare to that early morning..=D
First to come in..U-Kwon!

It's Kyung...(BBC, is it? *Confused ==)

This white shirt member of Block B named B-Bomb spotted my camera..Behind him- Jaehyo, Taeil.

Jaehyo, Taeil and P.O...Hope I got their name right..=P

They went straight to back stage after arrived...and then up on stage to have a photo session with the KWC management...Crowd went crazy again....muahaha XD Captured photos after they come back from stage.
Okay...It's my time now...Prepared myself and my models to go up stage...Quite stress to dress them up in the short 10 minutes at beginning..but luckily there's actually more time for me..Took some photos before show time..My models were such lovely persons =)
From left: Veena, me, Vee (My models have a matching name don't they? Such a coincident haha! )

Veena the lovely model <3

And Vee the handsome model..Can't thanks them more!!
Hope that I will be able to meet with them two again in the future~ My 1st pair of models =) TQTQ!!
Now...ready for the RUNWAY~ Can you imagine how excited I was walking on a "Thousands people" show? Not nervous but purely excited! As one of the stylish said, it's your show time..Enjoy the stage!
Me rock'in the runway~

My models with Formal and Casual wear~

Proudly enjoy the moment ;D

Photo from KWC..Thanks!

My favorite shot from GoKpop~ Thanks a lot!

Then, it's time for the results...When they were calling only three fashionista among the 8..I can guess that we three would be the 1st, 2nd n 3rd. Then...here it was...
I was the 3rd prize winner for Fashionista!!

Even though I'm not the Champion, but for me its more than enough..The experience I got was uncountable through this contest~! Thanks to Kenanga Wholesale City for organized this event!
Well, it's not over yet for the event..coming up will be Block-B time again~
I was relief from the competition..so yea, camera on hands and lets rock with Kpop spirit!!
So lucky to be at the backstage to snap some photos for BBC...Hope BBC will like these photos ;)

 Felt extremely lucky to stand so close to the stage...Wish I have these chances again...Their performance were amazing...My favorite song of them...Nanrina!

This was Epic..K.O U-Kwon~

Walked to the T stage...Nearer to BBC~
 Here...ready for some close up photos of them~ (Breath-taking moments)
*BBC.. kindly stated my blog tag if share at any place pls..Thanks.
B-Bomb on the spot

U-Kwon on the spot~

Kyung on the spot~

And last one..U-Kwon and Peace P.O =)

So...guess I was lucky to be able to catch so many photos of Block-B just because I am in Fashionista Contest~ ...Oh-ya, for BBC...I've recorded down some video of their performance that day too..Since I was so near to stage..I got a clear spot of them..also at the same time..close to speaker too~ So sorry for the lousy sound effects...>< Here you go
Block B-NanrinA (Live in KWC)

Block B-WannaBe (Live in KWC)

 You might check out others video I watched from Fancam too..

There's all for this memorable event from KWC~ Thanks for giving me this opportunity to be Fashionista..And met Block-B too! *I was able to took a group photo with Block B behind the stage..but photos haven't uploaded yet~ Will post it soon I hope..and yea, Magazine shooting day post..For August, stay tuned.

Block-B 대단하!다시 방문 말레이시아..Block B정말기대..아! Fighting! 
1st step to Fashion... 그것이 시작하자!!