Jan 2, 2013

Malacca Trip Part 1

Before New Year post..let me summaries abit about my trip to Malacca during Christmas! 
It's awesome to celebrate a warm Christmas in my country yet prettier memories celebrated in Malacca Portuguese Settlement..I mean the Portuguese Village where the christian villages celebrate this day with light decoration for their house~ I've been there few years ago..so this year I just can refresh my memories for this beautiful scene :)

I always hate to rush during trip to anywhere..so I planned a four days trip in Malacca..So that I were able to take photos everywhere and post in here..lol! To be honest, not just photos which I care of course, and the food..the view..the celebration..the people..everything here..The FEEL of living in Malacca~ haha..

I think too much..carried a DSLR everywhere obviously shown I'm not a "Malaccan"..Blogger do what bloggers do.. :) Let's start with 1st day...reach Malacca at night but luckily I were able to walk the street~

So nice isn't it? It's a quite new opened hotel located nearby the Christ Church/Jonker street etc..
It's called...:

Ya..Casa del Rio Melaka~ Really suitable for tourist to stay bcuz the main point of Malacca near to this hotel like you can walk to the historical building from here~ Big Like!

It was two days before Christmas~ :) Guess what!? I saw this scene when I passed through the hotel's library...In one moment I thought I saw two dolls in a glassy painting lol! So adorable, so lovely aww~

Okay..the other view of hotel...

I'm stunned by the background Tehee~

Comfy :)
Then I went to the main point of Malacca...along the way, can't stop snapping photos

What is that? Significant Pedicab in Malacca streets~ (Not to tell you that I heard Gangnam style playing LOUDLY from the cab..lol!)
Walked to the river cruise..

The reflection is awesome~ ;)

Streeeeeeeeet Pic <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
Street Pic two...I were standing in a lil triangle bump center of the road for it...hahaha

Do you feel what I feel? It's like we already having Chinese New Year~ Wow..Dragon

Many people..as always...Here in Jonker Street~ Food, souvenirs, art, culture etc..
That's all for the night~
Rolls down to 2nd day...
Woke up early so that's no jamming and bunch of people in the city..
Ate breakfast quickly in Taiwanese Noodles Restaurant~ Simple but taste good! 兴隆台湾面馆
*Famous food in Malacca too~ Better go for early breakfast or you have to queue for lunch!



Christ Church Melaka since 1753...There still lots of people in early morning ish!
And then, the photo session started..xD Thanks a lot to my personal photographer~ Always found a nice angle for me :)) TQTQ~

There were about 10+ people opposite this corner I took..So, if you wanna take photos in here without interruptions..better earlier than me...about 8am? haha..
Walked down to the newly found walls of A'Famosa~ They build up the walls with new bricks and left the historical one under it~ For me, I prefer it stay original without new bricks..now it's like not historical feel anymore...=X that's what I felt...

You don't know how hard to take this pic..climbed up the St.Paul mountain was tough one..then the rains came before we able to went down the hill..ended up rush down with rains...;(
But..worth with this nice view i should say..?

St.Paul church~
I were standing in the rain when I took this pic of A'Famosa~ Wish this historical building last forever :)

After that, we had lunch in Nyonya cuisine.. 

Donald and Lily Nyonya Food

Nyonya meehoon...(Best!)
Cendol~ Best!

Ayam Pongteh..aka Pongteh Chicken :)

There are lots more to try~
Seriously...It's all about food here haha~ The most unforgettable..Nadeje Cakes~ So Lovely!!

I ordered 
Original Crepe Cake
Chocolate Mocha Cake...

I did survey on net before heading to Malacca~ (It's a must before your trip ;)) And most people prefer this two flavor are the best..so I ordered and yup..taste good! I would definitely go again to try others flavors~ (*But, it's better to share if you wanna try cuz too much on same flavor definitely will bring your taste buds bored and moods down..rmb~ )

So, I would stay others in next post as too much photos n words causing my comp lacking..haha
Do do leave a comment if u able to finish this long post! Plsss n thank you ;)

Coming part II ~

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