Jan 5, 2013

Malacca Trip Part ll

Yay~ continue my post about Malacca trip in this breezy Sunday noon ;)

It's the Christmas eve in Portuguese settlement...a light party in the whole village to welcome the lovely 2012 Christmas..I've went there like few years ago during Christmas, but this would be the first time for me to see the light on trees this year! *At least the people whose driving in long queue wont be boring haha..hope the lovely light trees able to chill their anger down..cuz the queue was so damn long and moving slow..
I were lucky that actually walk into that area or else ended up stuck in that terrible traffic..*NeverEverDriveIntoHere--during Christmas season yea :)

So, started to take photos each and every house decoration...Here's my fav one...Holy and warm feeling

Another one..but it's quite far from the front door....

Guess what...I found quite numbers of "Skinny Santa" in Malacca during this trip..LOL!

A random one...it somehow look like a pic I take from I-city..xD 

Another random one..I were not interest to have photos at 1st cuz the door will block my view..but a random snap did capture the lights in a different effects and look so nice...Haha..what a surprise :D

I kept "Wow" ing around with the awesome decoration...can't stop saying that time..haha

Finally a pic which included me inside..Weee~

Different angle~ purple is love !
Okay..I just picked some as there's more random shots..Headed to steak restaurant to have my Christmas dinner~ Well still eve...Amigo Steak & Grill~ 

Full house~!! 

A wonderful Christmas countdown in my relatives place after that~ :D

Next morning..Christmas morning..I busy walking the street of Malacca again..haha

观音庙a Chinese temple for more than 100 years

Pic under the huge bell...How I wish I can make it sound..but there's a sign not to..=X

Random shot walked pass the stairs..

Oh hi, sleepy cat in front of a Malay traditional house.

Assalamualaikum~ I had visit the inside decoration of this unique house~ A warm welcome from the house keeper :)

My breakfast of that day..The awesome cendol! This restaurant even had a long queue before it opened!
Can know how famous it is!!

Nyonya Nasi Lemak is love...with prawns and the "Hardly-find-in-kl's-nasilemak" full egg! Ha~

The Laksa~ 

Nyonya dessert, Pai-Tee

Check out the queue yo~
Talked about long queue..this one won! The Malacca famous Chicken Rice Balls, Top pick restaurant!

I went to Hard Rock shop too..just to see the items they sell as the cafe not open yet~ It was still in building construction~

The awesome rock guitars catched my eye completely~

And.....ladies's best friends...Mirror! 

Went to a shop opened by my relative's friend after that...Garden feel

Awesome hand-made item...all 100% love and creativity work from the friendly shop owner~
She said it's always her dream to open this kind of shop..and selling things that she likes to do..It's great to know that she's a person who not just dare to dream but made her dream comes true no matter how hard~

A photo infront of her shop..It's quite obvious to find this shop as it's white and with garden decoration~

Lunch at Daorae Korean BBQ restaurant~

Various kind of small dishes~ Yay! Nomu-Haengbok ya ^^


And K-pop artistssss.....poster of course~ ;)

Suddenly Japan+Chinese culture feel....Guess where is it?

If you know 慈济~ you will know this place..It is a Buddha religion center include library, cafeteria, school etc..I like the cultural feel so much..古色古香~

Watashiwa Lavender-Chan desu~ xP

Ya..It's the end of my trip to Malacca and this post...
I felt lucky to explore more on this beautiful small land..like never before~
It's my part of wish in 2012 and I made it! So..next post definitely about New Year 2013
Stay tuned for the party moment of mine..

A trip never mean just to reach there, take photos, buy souvenirs..
It's about your feeling about that place..
People who live in that area..
Feel their culture and life with your heart and eyes..

A camera never mean just to capture and see the results of it...
It's about to enjoy the memories flash back through your mind..
when you click down the time..that second..
what was your true feeling, for that moment. 

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