Aug 31, 2014

Chapters: Le Results

A silent update. 

Yes, I had done my final assessment in MIA with my best way!
Yes, I had graduated without regret!
Yes, I had my last result paper in my hand!
No, I haven't go to convocation with my square's in November haha!

Erm, a long caption of french I had posted on fb and insta about this photo.
Probably couldn't understand my post at all if not using google translate lol!

It actually means I had successfully made my wish comes true! 
The result, keep the best to the last, 
With GPA 4.0 finally! 
4 AAAApples yesh yesh yesh~ 
After once in semester 2 i think..
I wish so hard for this, you won't understand why is it so hard?
What had we overcome these days, those semesters...
with sweats, pain, tears, sleepless night, and happiness, cherish...
Thanks for each and everyone,
who supported me, helped me, taught me, scolded me, love me, or hate me...
you all are the essence couldn't be excepted,
for me to grow everyday.

A chapter in my life end.
Another chapter shall start.
Walk, run and fly,
to the place we named DREAM.

Keep the faith.

(Wrote this post in Merdeka night for no reason, lol! 
Merdeka! Malaysia Aku Cinta Padamu! )

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