May 29, 2016

Day 3,4 & 5 - Sydney

Okay let my trip story continue...

17 May 2016- Day 3
So ya, I was having insomnia until 4AM call time to Melbourne Tullamarine Airport.
We were all so sleepy on the way, can't thanks our buddy AC more for fetching us to airport, 
sacrificing his beauty sleep and he will need to attend class at 11AM later. 
Such kind friend in my life awwww...

Our flight was MEL (Tullamarine) 6.00AM to Sydney 07.25AM,
bound with Jetstar JQ602.
Jetstar here we go!
Tired Panda Face hmm.. activating Optus SIM card at this time.

Previously we booked a flight from Avalon airport to Sydney but due to the flight time changed,
we decided to add in $10 changing flight from Tullamarine which bought us a morning in Sydney.
Also we pre-booked 20kg/ 2 check in baggage but we only have a total of 10kg items as missing out Shin.
(So much changes in plan, but we manage to come out same decision and all goes smoothly.)

Straight heading to Opal card counter after touch down in Sydney Airport.

We don't have AC in Sydney so basically we will need this card to go everywhere by public transport.
With the card in hand, we head to our hotel: Y Hotel City South located near Redfern station to settle down our luggage.

Glad that our pre-book hotel through online were close to Redfern so it is so easy for us to find it and to go around the other days.
However, our arrival time crash the timing when people go to work and school, so we were quite shocked by the heavy traffic in train station, 
we got dizzy for a moment to figure out which direction we should go zzz.

After check in the hotel, we can't wait to start explore Sydney itself!
Front of Y Hotel checking on the direction we go.

Cute wall art on the way to fish market.

We were starving so 1st stop was to a breakfast place. I made a silly mistake of finding Haymarket 
because I thought it should be sort of like a fish market or morning market, but it turn out not the one.
While we wondering around, we met a nice lady told us why not go to Sydney Fish Market instead?
"You will smell them even if you can't see em." said that lady.
Ok so we decide to follow the direction she pointed out and another 20 mins walk until we smell something 'fishy'.

So happy when we saw those tables and chairs in front of the market, which means we can eat fresh seafood here!
The place turn out to be quite empty and we thought it was not The fish market, but no! 
That's because we are lucky early birds who don't need to queue for seafood later on.
We were amazed by the tempting seafood and got no idea what to order. 


So Tempting!!

We ordered a grill and fried platter at last to not over estimate our empty stomach.
(Wishing there's more grill in this platter actually..sobs.)

After defeating the hunger, we all happy to go more spots around with a map in hand.
Using a map was way better than gps or google map because: 
1-The map is so detail! 
2-We feel like authentic tourist ready to explore while covering our face with the huge map! 

Steps by steps, we walked to:
Darling Habour

We spotted Ipoh food! And more around Melbourne eg: Petaling Street..but price is a What...

I had been waiting to be here, look as nice as website~

Not to mention the inspiring building with glamorous brands. View from top floor- The Tea Room window and other angles.

QVB, Checked.

Vintage Lift Checked.

We had macaroons in Zumbo for a resting time before continue our next location, all taste uniquely good!


Entrance of QVB, Checked!

Passing by Town Hall, which our photos were badly took by a random tourist.
(It was a most frustrating moment I could ever imagine to happen when we check the photo and it turned out exactly different from what we expect. Sigh..but what to do right?)
This photo was taken to recover my broken heart hahaha

Then we were heading to Hyde Park in the afternoon, Edmund is the one if I was't wrong who suggested to buy some coffee 
so we can enjoy another moment sitting on the grass.
Very clever we hopped into 7-Eleven and grab two Buy 1 Free 1 coffee bottles to the park. Of course a photo is a must!

To stunning St.Mary Cathedral and the fountain, 

Feel like playing "Bolero" song for this photo.

Nearby was Royale Botanic Garden while on the way to Art Gallery of NSW.

When I stepped into the Art Gallery, I can't believe I am in here! Immerse into the mood again..
The whole atmosphere is simply to die for. 

Oh my.. Oh my~
When many thread turn into an art.
Sculptures which appeared only in my art history book, until now.

Dedicate to all my friend with OCD, you shall find calm in this art piece heh.
A message to not use animal leather and fur on fashion.

Awesome place which I wish to stay longer~ A must visit place marked.

Next on similar building, it was the State Library of NSW. The interior also was no joke my gosh, so vintage so love.

Haha moving on we were so near to end our city tour, we arrived at Habour Bridge!

Next, there it was! The significant Sydney Opera House! 
I wish to be here since I watched 'Finding Nemo' and I AM HERE!

We were all indulge in this landscape right in front of our own eyes, as this view appear hundred times 
on websites, posters, postcards, movies...and now came real! 
Photos and more photos until sun goes down, the stars come out... Cuz the view is killing me that I never want to leave.
Finding Bih Shin. 

Random tourist.
Dream High, Jump High!

Well we can't stay here forever... Recommended and booked by AC of our dinner tonight 7PM at Hurricanes Grill ,Bondi Beach.
30 mins before booking time we catched a train from Circular Quay and next few stops by bus to the Bondi Beach.
We arrived earlier than the booking time therefore we hanged around at the beach first, 
but it was too dark to see anything there except sand went in our shoes.

So Hurricanes Grill it was to wrap the dreamy night off. The ribs was finger licking good trust me!
Highly recommend to you if you going to Sydney! Worth every penny~
Grill Beef and Pork ribs at the left, Peri Peri Chicken at the right.
Tasty verified!

18 May 2016- Day 4
Oh ya, our hotel was in urban area with many street art on the way to train station.

This wall full of mirror pieces.

2nd day in Sydney, we woke up early for breakfast in hotel and catching a train to Blue Mountain.
We were having some time searching the way to our destination from hotel, so we got on train from Redfern>Penrith (transit)>Blue Mountain. 
The whole journey duration took us about 1 hour plus.
Long journey means reload Opal card again.. we spend quite a lot on Opal in Sydney...
We crushed the hectic working hour again in train station...stressss

I bought a nice local magazine named Yen from Penrith station shop owned by a korean lady while waiting the train.
The owner was so friendly to chat and she told me about the train to Blue Mountain is different from other trains, which is fatter than the usual ones haha.

The Yen magazine btw, is all about Music+Art+Fashion+Home+Travel. Very summing up all my fav.
Enjoy reading the magazine on the way to our destination and I fall asleep the other mins heh.

The final stop of train was Katoomba Station, then we walked into the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus ticket counter which located just in front of station.
So happy we were able to buy a student price ticket: $77 (Original price $80) for whole day shuttle bus and all in tickets to Scenic World.

By looking into the booklet we have, it shown there's total 29 stops around the Blue Mt area ready to explore, so we can have a full day trip here!
(Actually starting the tour earlier is better, because the breathtaking landscapes here will run up your time silently.)
We walked to a few stops from Katoomba Street before hop on the bus, 
to the Gallery One88 and the Katoomba Street Art Walk painted by professional local and international artists.

Acclaim Street Art.

Next to the Lost Bear Gallery full of bears and koala art pieces. (So cute!)

Took this photo while waiting the bus to arrive,

Hop on the shuttle bus like finally from Lost Bear Gallery yayy.  The bus driver was so friendly to introduce us everywhere he passed by.

Then we come to the beautiful Leura Cascades water fall for a zen time. Washing my hands in the clear and ice-cold water, so refreshing!
We are so tiny in front of the nature.
Water fall, checked.

After this, we hop off to Stop 9: Scenic World!
We were here with pre-purchased passes for the Scenic Cableway, Skyway and Railway, 

but before all that, we ate lunch with the nature view first, on table: beef burger with chips and pasta cheese.

The Cableway was largest and steepest cable car in the Southern Hemisphere 
and Skyway was the tallest single span cable car in the world with see-through surface woots!
This is the Skyway!
Aussie workers are very friendly and helpful here! 
See the view phewww! 
Challenge mood on to step on the transparent surface!

Not forgot to mention the railway, it was thrilling fast with 52 degree incline ride, definitely the steepest railway in the world!
That was more like a roller coaster ride haha! 
We skipped the 2.4km Scenic Walkway for a shortcut to exit, so that we save our energy for coming up challenge.
We got to see the Lyrebird on the way too.

It was a late afternoon when we hop on the shuttle bus again, and the driver who can speak multiple languages 
told us that we are slowly running out of time as the area close at 5PM.
He was a kind man to drive us a quick stop at Narrow Neck View (Stop 10) for photos with the Blue Mountains.

Hello Blue Mountains!!!

There was a story he told us about here, when long time ago all these mountains happened to be under water, 
until a huge surface movement pushed all mountains up and the water just disappeared.
With the nice story telling, we stopped at the Honeymoon Lookout at Stop 15.
Only three of us who got off the bus, and Honeymoon Lookout looks a bit creepy from entrance.
I remembered the driver said, "Be careful when you go into Honeymoon Lookout, because some weird things happened here, 
and because it is Honeymoon Lookout..."

So to finish our aim to walk from here to Stop 14: Echo Point-The Three Sisters, 
we have no time to have a second thought but started our hiking immediately.
The walk was not easy but we continuously explored nice lookout and spots in the wood!

After about 45 mins walk, we finally reached The Three Sisters! And we are standing on one of them!

Watching the sunset here on Three Sisters and the background of nature Blue Mountains slowly clear away in the dark 
was the best prize to celebrate where we've been to so far!

Next minute, we were running with muscle cramping legs to catch the last bus at Echo Point!
We were so brave to do this, can't imagine if the bus never wait for us...but very YOLO thing to do yea? 

Waving goodbye to the Blue Mountains in the dark, and the funny bus driver continue his stories about the Honeymoon Lookout.
So he said he met a single girl years ago, who decided to go into this lookout all by herself. 
The mysterious girl had travel around the world for 3 years, all by herself without any mate with her.
She said that she really enjoy being single and free on the trip.
Then, when she was in the lookout, she accidentally met a guy who also came all by himself, standing beside her. 
They both silent for some times to enjoy the breathtaking view of Blue Mountains.
Just then, the guy started to talk to her, asking where she from..Then they both realized they same from London, and living so close to each other! 
Few years later, this driver met the girl again, and standing beside her was the guy she met in Honeymoon Lookout, they were on their Honeymoon!

Hahahaha, so I thought the creepy plot had turned into a romantic love story.
Ok back to my trip story. 

Reaching the Katoomba station while the story end, and we managed to grab a hot coffee before catching a train back to Central.
With a starving face we head to Chat Thai, a thai food restaurant which quite famous and queue for a table,  5 mins walk from Central.

I like the coconut ice cream dessert more than anything, and there goes our Day 4 ended.

19 May 2016- Day 5
Starting this day super early before sunrise! Why? Because we gonna see sunrise at the Bondi Beach!
Grabbed our hotel breakfast at 4AM, check out hotel and head to the beach right away.

With a sleepy face I jog to Bondi.. 
It was actually freezing cold! 

The natural color palettes of sun rising moment kill the memory card of my camera a lot hehe!
We were here to enjoy this view which we can see everyday until 7-8AM when we start moving to our destination of last day here in Sydney.
This kind of view!
These people who show you "Cold never bother me anyway~"
Best surfer while I was there.
My friend asked me to took his pic, named: Little Fresh Meat. Hahahaha..and this is not about advertisement of SCOTS heh.
Love Bondi!

We went to Circular Quay station and had Hungry Jack burgers for a breakfast again, 
then riding on the ship to Taronga Zoo, across the river to the other side of Sydney!

While finding our way to the zoo, we randomly walked to a beach with no one else..

The Descendant of the Sun sequela started whenever we see a silent beach ahaha~ Where's my Jong Ki Oppa?

OK woke up from my dream because I will never meet Song Jong Ki there, we finally catch a shuttle bus to Taronga Zoo!
Say hello to familiar but never meet animals: Koala~ Kangaroo~ Tasmania Devils etc. etc..

Featuring a ball of fur, it is Koala! For 24 hours they only awake for 4 hours, well what to do except watching them sleep?
Lee Kwang Soo! 
Very nice wild deer
Oh Yayyy! Kangaroo! And a baby kangaroo in her pouch!
Meet Wallaby~ it is different from Kangaroo species, has a pointed nose and they don't stand with their tail.
Very cute Red Panda
This seal was so arrogant I don't know why..he keep rolling his eyes on me hahaha

The bird show was a highlight, seeing them flying around you freely bring us so much fun!

The nice background of bird show, like a postcard.
We had a quick lunch in zoo, the fish and chips..but not the best one for sure.

Finishing the zoo visit at around 5PM and head back to city by ship at 6PM.
Jun Yuan found a nice dinner place at Made In Italy, best when we all craving for Italian food especially pizzas!

Mamamia Pizza and Capricasso Spagetti were buono! Satisfied for the last dinner in Sydney.

Back to Y Hotel for our luggage and took train to Sydney Airport for domestic flight back to Melbourne.
We miss our friends AC and of course Shin who arrive same day evening so so much already!
Finally it's a gather for all in Melbourne Avalon Airport.

The trip goes on, stay tune for more laughter and happiness!

Byeeee Sydney~ You had been so kind to us!  Hopefully I will be back to use my Opal card balance.. haha.

To be continue.