May 18, 2013


Happy Sunday people~! I wonder why its been few days the weather just super HOT! I can't agree more to take ice-cream as my favorite these days due to our Malaysia's weather..Huhu~ 
If you are planning to have some freezzzy dessert too, OMG! (Oh My Gas!) dessert store will be a perfect choice for now! I dropped by to get the ice-cream on yesterday however its so crowded cuz weekend. 
Even a passenger came asking me is the store having sale? Cuz she never saw such long queue before as she work there. 
(*Tips 1: Avoid going on weekend or ready for a patient stand-n-wait moment.)

So what so special about this dessert? I believe not only me but all the others went because of one video posted in facebook:

I realized that most of the people faced some difficulty during order at the counter cuz still not familiar with the steps to customize their dessert flavor. 
Yes! It's totally custom made for you right at that time. Here are the steps boards. 
(*Tips 2: Perhaps choose your one-of-a-kind mixed dessert earlier? ;) )
Cutie Cup=small size/Sexy Cup=big size 

Click on the photos for a larger and clearer view :)
If you still can't decide which mixer is the best..
no worry, you can try on the "chef-made" flavor too! 
Here come the prosess of making...after order the worker stick the details of your choice on a bowl then mix with the ingredients..bring to the blender and add in nitrogen..
The awesome moment definitely is when the gas grow like magic!

Jjang~! See the gas grow like dreamy feel haha! :POkay...after the long wait finally is my turn...My choice: step 1:ice-cream base, step 2: coffee java chips, step 3: almond slices topping.(Cutie a.k.a small size) Done! 

OoH my...taste like...Baskin robins? Oppss haha! Try it yourself maybe? ;D

    Name: OMG ! Ooh My Gas Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
    Location: No. 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
                     Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 
                     55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  (Level 1..behind escalator)

Have a Freezzy Cool Sunday~! :)

May 17, 2013

New Challenge 15&16

Annyeonghaseyo~ Hello there, first thing..finally TVXQ is here in M'sia KLIA! Welcome welcome!!

Back to my life..continue with one month holiday post..had two hectic days joining mv shooting invited by friend, it's a chance I cherish to join in different field, try some new things, and most important learn a lot from the professional mass communication students.

I had been through shooting for photos, modelling, singing, drawing, mv blablabla...but never ever in acting!
Not even a small drama perform in my primary or secondary..oh wait, yes in kindergarten but I could just remember I act as a frog mother (Ikr its funny..but awesome childhood memory tehee!)..still keeping that small lil cute green outfits in my wardrobe..haha! So, i don't think I can recall back any scene of it now..sadly TT So, I take this time as a new challenge for me..after I missed out so many times of stage acting performance.

After I get the script which was a bit out of my expectation...I just thinking of, there's people who giving their trust on me..count on me for their succeed and giving me this opportunity.
From that moment, I kept on reminding myself, I must must must! give out all I can to act..not to fail.
Therefore, I finished it after yesterday..hoping that they achieve succeed soon, and I will be part of it :)

Okay..I don't think I could officially post all the photos now..just some shoot from my camera kay?

                                                 Took during rest time... Cheezzzyyyy!
The "Kill Green" group photo session~ finally not so alone in camera :P

The Gwiyomi started..1+1=?

3+3= Gwiyomi or 6?

Last mcm a superstar XD Thanks thanks thanks to all of you, you guys rock!

Will try to updates full making photos if its official :) Nights

Always keep the faith..TVXQ+JYJ.
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May 12, 2013

Tribal Everywhere

Afternoon peeps, today I'm gonna post about something relates to what I major in now..

I wonder if you noticed too but I've gotten this Tribal thinggy inside my head recently..
In fact, I have to admit it had already becoming a heat of Tribal Fashion in oversea. 

I personally like models with their body to die for wearing hot pants, cropped tribal T with blonde hair and tanned skin, and their hairstyle or accessories perfectly lighten up the style of tribal spirit~ 

If you agree with my statements, you would definitely like these beautiful photos. 

Big YES to cropped tribal and hot pants for youngsters..
Who doesn't want to be a sunny girl in summer? :P

Well, this isn't blonde girl actually..but she looks hot! :)

The hairstyle basically would be : Hair braids, Scarf 

Different look of tribal, more to bohemian and feminine also worth to try.

Gorgeous Taylor's Swift in Bohemian tribal look~ So lovely!

Oppsss...a strong pose for feminine tribal lady? haha~'s some items samples for references and probably can put it in your To-Buy-List?

Latest Ethic style from ZARA:

Believe that tribal is a challenging mix and match with multi-prints and colors right?
But it also can show your creativity and fashion sense through the unique designs~ 

Here comes my Simple Tribal Look of the Day:

Tied up both front part of hair 
(left & right, picks a lil and curl it, bring after the forehead and tied with bands.)
Then pick some hair aside and tie up tiny hair braids.
 (You can tie more if there's plenty of time.)

Then, I would like to have some bracelets on my hand..yup just simple one~ 
These red and yellow one maybe?

Okay, I picked this brown bracelets..well both match well, 
but I pick it to match my shoes and bag.
The upper one would nice to match with my tribal T.

I'm done with casual tribal.. (Tips: a khaki/army green jacket also can match with tribal style as it is in similar tone..but if you are going somewhere hot, just make it simple like I do :) )

Tribal T from TOPSHOP.

Ready to go~! Rock on with tribal fashion today! ; )

Addition..Jang Keun Suk latest released PV:

Nature Boy / Indian Summer 

Ethic and tribal ! :D

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Mother's Day

Yes, It's wonderful mother's day today! Any surprise to your dearest mum so far?
I used to make cards and paper carnations the day before 
and surprised her on the dining table..
But nowadays just too lil time yet thinking to do it in IT style is a hit lol! 
Here is my surprise to her.. a photo with her after edited with sweet sweet words. 

She is the treasure I cherish most in this world..
She's not only my mother, my best friend too! 
Thank you for always be there for me..supporting me on what I've decided to do and yes,
sharing the same story with each other. Luv u~
(planned to treat her nice dinner but just knew that we have to celebrate with my grandma plan changed. Dinner stay, not my treat hehe.)

*And to every mother in this world, 
Happy Mother's Day! 
Stay pretty and healthy. :)

Lotsss of lovessss,

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May 6, 2013

Celebration before Election

It's our friend-Bu birthday on 5th May..we were celebrated with him a day earlier as his birthday would be election day for Malaysia.

Venue: Shabu Garden, Jln Manis 4,Tmn Segar
Time: 7pm
Attended ppl: Bu, JingYi, Junyuan, ChingHui, Yuen-Yi, Andrew, Jeff, Ac, Brendon
(Stated the list cuz nt all in my photos..Ac just came by short while due to coming exam and some went home earlier..some arrived late. #Watabusyschedule they have..I should cherish my one month holiday now..hehe)

Continue with pics that will bring you to! As there's quite a number of us,
we straight away ordered a set which come with 4 diff sups, added 2 sups for RM1..

It's my first try in this Shabu Garden restaurant, yet most of us who went too..even though we always go nearby that area. But it somehow impressed us with the total of 10 diff choices of sups, e.g. chicken, pork bone, Bakuteh, Herb, Pumpkins etc. All tasted so good! :)

I ate too much of vege and my fav scallops thatt day lol~ Vege always a NONO to me but  isn't this look way much cuter than other vege? (what am i talking. xD )

Okay after that, it's (birthday song+cake+special candles prepared by me) time~ This time I discovered long candles which I hardly found in KL Festival hehe~ Awesome candles is a must!
 See our birthday boy surprised by the candles? hahaha

Somehow, I thought our 1st wishes gonna come true..haizzz. It should be! Well, if u get what we wished for :)

Photo session with BOTD: Boss of the day

Happy Birthday again Bu~ Welcome to the 19th group :)
And for my Malaysia readers, stay strong, never give up..for a better tomorrow!

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May 2, 2013

"2NE1" of the day

Annyeong-haseyo Yorubun~
It's kinda late here now, but I just wanna update today's event bcuz it's simply awesome!
Had been invited to be my senior's last semester models and the theme she had chosen is
"2NE1" sports stage series!! Guess what..4 of usual art students (*Puffss) become the K-pop Stars!
Haha..if you think the coming pic is cool..I must say Thank you~ if you can list down the members we tried to look-a-like (From left to right..) Then I will giv u a...flying kiss represent 2NE1 lol!jkjk..
Here we go..from left to right~ You know who? o.O
Mua~ <3 td="">
well, we models quite bad girls treated our manager, Oppss is she is nt having assessment lol! I mean we play, laugh and running around left her "Ganjiong" aside.

she handled quite well in the presentation..and yea, never thought one of the judging lecturer is Khoon Hooi.
(*I just knew like 10mins before he arrived =x )
However, the lecturers are less talking like we assess, and so quite till you will get nervous out of no where...Hmm, next time I shall treat this situation as NORMAL when it's my turn )
Applausesss to our designer Yen who done her best! Plus also wishing her getting good results soon!

Also, celebrated Rebecca's birthday in Superstar@KL Festival City after assessment~
So much High Pitch time! xD

Last pic of the day...Crazy me with Rebecca~