May 2, 2013

"2NE1" of the day

Annyeong-haseyo Yorubun~
It's kinda late here now, but I just wanna update today's event bcuz it's simply awesome!
Had been invited to be my senior's last semester models and the theme she had chosen is
"2NE1" sports stage series!! Guess what..4 of usual art students (*Puffss) become the K-pop Stars!
Haha..if you think the coming pic is cool..I must say Thank you~ if you can list down the members we tried to look-a-like (From left to right..) Then I will giv u a...flying kiss represent 2NE1 lol!jkjk..
Here we go..from left to right~ You know who? o.O
Mua~ <3 td="">
well, we models quite bad girls treated our manager, Oppss is she is nt having assessment lol! I mean we play, laugh and running around left her "Ganjiong" aside.

she handled quite well in the presentation..and yea, never thought one of the judging lecturer is Khoon Hooi.
(*I just knew like 10mins before he arrived =x )
However, the lecturers are less talking like we assess, and so quite till you will get nervous out of no where...Hmm, next time I shall treat this situation as NORMAL when it's my turn )
Applausesss to our designer Yen who done her best! Plus also wishing her getting good results soon!

Also, celebrated Rebecca's birthday in Superstar@KL Festival City after assessment~
So much High Pitch time! xD

Last pic of the day...Crazy me with Rebecca~