Dec 23, 2011

♥ Christmas Eve Eve Party

Yup~It's actually an EVE Eve party I organized with friends today..
Sang for 6 hours non-stop in Neway was totally FUN!!
Well, guys was a bit cold and emo in the room..but we Girls did ROCK the party ON!
K-pop, Hip Hop & Disco~ And the best part would be G6+ Put your hands up!
It's a memorable day again with my classmate..not 5S1, but Rock S1? LOL!
Yea, life would be different after high school..With a little crazy high PARTY~
How's your Christmas Eve for Eve Eve or the Big Day would be?
Well, like we did today..Just enjoy it!

Gosh!I was so happy back there..LOL!

Happy Merry Christmas Day!!! (*Simply wanna make my sentence longer~ =P)

Probably not going to post during the real day,
Imma gonna have some FUN for the whole Christmas~ Weeee! XD

That's the Jingle bells ROCK~~!

Christmas Song from JYJ~
It's Christmas Eve!! Yay~

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Dec 19, 2011

The Board Of Librarian

Hate to write this..but it's a truth that I can't deny..
My post as a Librarian had finally came to the end.
Well, fortunately I heard all of us had the same words--Once a librarian, forever a librarian!
If not, I guess I would cried badly in the dinner night.

It's tough to end my high school life, especially said farewell to my beloved librarians board!
I learn a lot during the days I'm holding this PPS post..From a girl who don't even know how to print out perfect words well till could wrote out a report without a single mistake.
I really appreciate a lot, to Miss and juniors
who worked with me..teach me ways to solve problems..

Another great thing I could never ever forget is that every year's dinner.
I was the artist for year 2010..Designed the stage background and performance as well.
Maybe others would think that's a lot of job to do
but I can't tell how happy I was when I took this job!
It's just something I love to do...and something I could do for the board I love.

I met a lot of new friends in the board especially for the performance..
Fashion show's models..Dancers..singers~
They were so hardworking to make a successful dinner~And of course we did it!
I remembered there was during the "A Sombre Jubilation" year..
I was actually danced and cat walked with sickness and my legs cramp at the same time!
How awful it was? I just could tell that I can't even remember what I was doing..
*But I did danced..with PAIN in my brain ;( Well, luckily I did finished my part.

This year, we as form 5 can't join the performance because of SPM..
But this year, we had a special trip to Ipoh!
Lost world of Tambun, Gua Tempurung and Ipoh new town was amazing!
Even though there's some accident happened in the lost world
cause by me who can't swim fell into water..but I'm still happy abt this awesome trip!
Thanks to the facilities who really made this trip for us! *Strawberry jiejie and Sheau En!

Then, it came to the night we all really don't want to attend but must attend too~
The PPS Annual Dinner! I saw many of our members posted some status like-can I don't go tmr?/Can tmr nvr come? etc..It's quite obvious that we don't hope to leave.
But time never stop..isn't it?

During the dinner~ We were busying captured photos as many as we can..
Well, it's a way to keep the moment..As that's the only way I think.
Well done to all the performance..They really did a great job!
Likes the HUH dance, Jenn Yuan's Oh dance and drama~ ^^
Lastly what did we ended with? More photo session..TEHEE!
Yuupp..Until I forgot to cry. =)

It's never been that sad for this badge to leave..
I mean plus Miss Ma going to leave the school and the board also..
She really a tough,strong and responsible teacher that I respect.
Few times during her speech, I cried in the dark.
All in my mind was, how lucky we are, having her as the boards teacher,
The boards GUARDIAN!
Now, we leave..she leave us also..leaving the boards with the juniors to hold.
I fully hope, our bond would never stop at here.
It would be exist,forever in our heart!
That's because we always knew..
Once a Librarian,
Forever a Librarian!

(*Continue our journey with joy, & hope we'll meet again someday.)

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Dec 13, 2011

This is Life~

Back to my fun life after the exam...
Went to join my friends to celebrate the "Novies & Decies's Birthday"
at Papparich, Taman Midah.

It was my first time to that restaurant and it's way much bigger than the one near my house.
Yea,I like the atmosphere very much~Especially we all booked a room just for the celebration!
Snapped few pic down the Christmas Tree..

*Wonder how many pic of Christmas tree I could collect in this Christmas season..=P
Had a nice dinner,played murderer game again...and photos..
It was a nice moment with you all ^^
& Happy Belated Birthday again to the Birthday girls n boys.

Continue my fun holidays at the Golden Triangle in KL.
Pavilion came out awesome purple Christmas tree in this year! What a nice choice~!

Not much in Sungai Wang..I remembered last few years was a Swan Lake theme...;(

Then, its just so "Times Square" designed for Times Square...
Haha, quite same for every year I mean.
Well, the favorite was not Christmas Tree in that shopping trip, but BEARS!

There was a Bear event going on at Pavilian outdoor, full with cute huge bears~
Lovely couple Golden Bear was my fav...they brought PEACE messages if you notice.

Then the cute and only bear who smile with tooth and wore sport shoes..It's M'sia's Bear~!

This one was from Thailand..Love the design so much..^^

Can you imagine that whole street near Pavilian was full of bears from all over the country?
It's really amazing~! ^^
There's a special one too...Albert Einstein!

Oh yea, I finally found the Tokyo Street in Pavilian..
after a long period knew that the street had opened...(*Pity me ><)

Saw a guy wore a 30cm high heels shoes at there~and he was so skinny like a stick!!
Sorry abt that but he really did scared me! First thing came to my mind was...
What's wrong with my eyes? LOL! (*Don't be silly! I'm fine!)
Yes I am..Just suddenly met a "Guy Gaga"!!!! That's all~ xD

Hmm...this is actually my first bowl of Snowflake...I know I'm outdated..;(
but it's freaking awesome taste! *I ordered the Japanese Combo~ ^^
What's your favorite bowl of Snowflake? Do introduce nice one for me~

And Lastly....It's a JYJ poster seat for me in Korean Cushine Restaurant in Times Square!
How could I resist to eat in that restaurant huh? Nice lunch time with JYJ at my back...=)

Finished my nice shopping journey with zero clothes but hundred Happiness! ^^

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Dec 2, 2011


Special for my beloved 5S1 members...
All the best in your future..and don't forget us all.

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Dec 1, 2011

Break Free!

It's Break Free time~!! ><
Today..I had a test as many of my friends did not took it.
It's A.R.T! Playin with colours~ And I mean A Lot! Lol..
See......a lot right? ;)

Okay, after finish 3 hours of painting in school..
I am finally free to shop and eat..
*Forgot to eat lunch before my exam..Starving for the three hours..MG
So Imma starving artist today? Ish..
But guess what? I wanna pay back my tummy double! come the latest+hottest Kenny Roger Roaster's Cheezy Chicken!
Served with tomatoes salad, Chicken & my favourite Spagetti~ ^^

Mum got here Classic Roaster plate too! Like her salad more than mine..=P

We shared a Minty Choco Ice Blended~ It's delicious! Until I forgot to take photo..><
It's the first time I ate Kenny Roger till FULL!
Can't really believe it~ Haha..Guess I ordered too much..

However, I almost forgot to buy the other "Must Eat" food which was in my "TO DO LIST".
It is the.....Starbucks Coffee- Cranberry White Chocolate Frappucino!
How sweet it is! Oh my...Taste like it's Christmas~^^ Try it!

Before end...Surprise! It's actually my books la..
After 2 years of study..finally I can say BuhBye to Them! Yay~~
Got my Half height! Can you believe it? Haha..

& don't forgot the meaning of December 1..It's World AIDS Day!
My beloved JYJ had became the UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassadors~
They really did their best to promote it! Well Done!
Care for the unlucky ones...Bring Peace & Love..Love Always!

Oh yea, latest me is in the heat of MAMA Mnet Music Award!
Even the stage is awesome~
Held at Singapore on 29th November~ Why not M'sia for 2012? ^^
I am totally in "like" with 2NE1 and MissA live..Cool 100%!!

Both in HD! Don't miss it~

Lastly, my camwhore longer to wear this, Ya!

* I'm a good student all this years! Am I? ;P

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Nov 30, 2011



不过终于还是熬过来的! 哈哈~




*我还要练习画画去...向弯弯学习! ^^

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Nov 24, 2011

The Sky ♥

Let's not update any other things first..
It happened just now, 7.00pm in the sky~
If you saw it, you are lucky as me..
If you don't, well I offer you this!

Can't really think about what to do..
until a Malay uncle called me to take photo..Haha!
& next thing came to my mind is..It look like the question in today's Physics Paper
Diffraction~Haha..God bless us for physics? I hope! ^^

It actually looks like a hiding angel with wonderful wings though...
Have a great day! ;)

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