Jun 24, 2012


Finally get to update my bloggie..Well its been a long time since last post..just because I like that event so much..LOL! Yea, it's a not easy opportunity for me to participate in that Fashionista Competition..
So, hope you enjoy this new post as last one..=)

But first, let me update some new photos from Jazzy Group..Its some old posted photos but I used quite a time to figure out where they uploaded them..(*Blurred) Luckily I did found out these memorable pieces..aww~ Like till the Max! I was so damn lucky to meet them yet so so lucky to take photos with them..The new talented korean Hip Hop group- Block B!!
The event had passed..but I hope my luck and opportunity can happen again in my life! Meeting them or more artists, joining more events and contest which really make me grow, learn a lot and have a different wonderful life!

Okay, back to latest me..I planned to dye my hair since the semester break start~ Not to mention its my beloved 1st campus semester in life..Its cover up with assignments only! Arghhhh~~ but no matter how less my time is..Ugly hair roots must settle cuz I'm so in Fashion! Can't really enjoy life with curl,messy,half gold half black hair..=X
1st idea was getting a purple highlight...then think about whole purple hair..

 lastly I saw these photos...
Thunder from MBLAQ (Thx Anonymous for correcting me)



And whoa~ Tiffany!! Isn't her hair looks gorgeous?
So...I decided to have this color! Reddish-purple~ with highlight on top and straighten half ..
The process...some kinda....creepy? Haha

And here it is!!!! Soooo RED indeed ^^
 Hehe..I personally feel so into this color~ Like! Hmm..what do you think?
*Recently some of my friends all had their new hair color too? Is it hair dye season?
Haha..well its always is =)

New hair color, new style, new start after back from sem break~ Back to campus tomorrow!
Say bye-bye to cloudy days! Hallo...homeworks again =P



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